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October 24, 2003
Yesterday's Blogging Around

John McKay points out a bit of misleading information (well, a lie, really) in a new book on Bush's religion. Doesn't bode well for the accuracy of the information provided in the rest of the book, does it? Assuming you care about a book purported detailing the story of someone's conversion, you can decide for yourself. Read the Village Voice review here.

Try not to get distracted by trying to fathom the kind of mentality that would give up candy as penance for sending people to their deaths. Or, since we already know that story is a lie, the kind of mentality that would present this as an admirable act from a supposedly mature, responsible man.

Someone involved in the story is an idiot but I don't care enough to figure out who.

Jeanne over at Body and Soul points out that not all human rights abuses are equal. Our gov'mint has, in fact, directed its State Department not to catalog or report those that we approve of in advance. It's a sort of PPO thing, isn't it? You call the 800 # and report what you want to do and get their approval first, then everything is hunky-dory. (Some days it feels like we just totally suck, doesn't it? How did we get this way?)

Hesiod demonstrates his intelligence and good sense by (if only he knew) agreeing with me that Rumsfeld's leaked memo demonstrates intelligent thought.

On the one hand, Eric Alterman thinks the memo demonstrates that Rumsfeld is clueless. I disagree.. I think Alterman is being a bit disingenuous when he objects to Rumsfeld's failure to address the Administration's official Hussein = terrorism claims. Even without having it explained to me, it was clear that Rumsfeld's memo was designed to provoke thought and discussion, to encourage his staff to consider the long-term requirements and implications of the Administration's current policies, so I can't imagine that Alterman didn't understand that. Rehashing what was said in the past would have been grossly out of place as well as an exercise in futility.

On the other hand, I'm very excited by the idea of Eric Alterman writing a second column.

The idea is to examine unexamined assumptions in the media about issues that I—and my ever-expanding team of media watchers—believe to be misperceived or wrongly framed, in the hopes of improving things a little.

It's called Think Again.

Via journalism at headquarters. Reporters covering CentCom during the invasion of Iraq suffered, in one reporter's words, "death by buffet." Or even "death by banality," as General Brooks struggled to complete his task, which was keeping the unvarnished truth out of the hands of the public. (Considering that there have been, as far as I can tell, no reports of serial incompetence or gross mismanagement in the original invasion, I still don't understand the disinformation fetish, but that's an extremist government for you.) (I'm pretty sure I linked to this one before, but for those of you who missed it....)

Via the same source, did the Administration really, really and truly think that an enemy army would turn itself over to an invader, intact and ready to be reassigned as construction crews?

Yuval over at GroupThink Central gives us the lowdown on Lieberman's grueling campaign schedule. Or, you know, not quite so grueling unless counting money bores him.

Also? I think that a man who doesn't understand what he's doing when he assaults women is a fine choice to run a state, don't you? A fine choice.

David, over at Ocrinus joins those discussing the alleged nazi roots of the Bush family fortune. Don't look to me to add to the verbiage on the subject, okay? Of all the reasons to dislike someone, what their grandfather did is one of the dumbest. If you want to go toe to toe with Grampa Bush, then go ahead, but attempting to hold Junior accountable for what was done before he was born is just obnoxious and stupid.

I do, however, support the efforts to investigate a wider topic, that being just exactly which corporations and millionaires in this country actually provided active support to Hitler and the nazi regime.

Via Pen-Elayne comes confirmation of what I always suspected. Google does it with pigeons. She's also got some good links to anti-black-box voting information, as does Lisa over at Ruminate This.

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