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October 28, 2003

Is the economy letting you down? Has the recovery so far been less than you'd hoped for? Well, never fear. There's a new < ahref="http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/10/28/politics/main580352.shtml" target="new">$128 billions corporate tax cut under consideration. Because everyone knows that someone raising four kids on $18,000 a year really benefits when IBM and WalMart pay less in taxes.

Seriously, part of the disagreement is over whether the tax cut should go to domestic businesses or multinationals. Multinationals do employ more people but the last time they got a tax cut, they celebrated by moving jobs out of the USofA and increasing the value of Dick's Halliburton holdings, so maybe that's not the best way to increase the deficit improve the economy.

The BBC leads with the latest attack in Iraq. I know I haven't said much about these attacks recently, so let me say that I really do think a lot of them are being carried out by foreign extremists who have entered Iraq specifically for the purpose. I'd think that bin Laden and his ilk are thrilled that they no longer have to find the resources to send people to the USofA to kill us.

Those extremists may do what Bush&Co have been unable to do. They may mobilize the world to help in Iraq.

But maybe not, if Bush continues to insist that the escalating death toll is a sign of how well things are going, because no one overseas seems to want to ally themselves with someone that blindly stubborn. If we can get the man and his cronies out of office the world would undoubtedly be more willing to step in.

Someone needs to because we're already busy creating the next Iraq. (Once again, proof that you ought to read the newspapers, or turn on the evening news, yourself and not rely upon the sanitized or dismissive reports of underlings.)

Max Boot in a display of historical idiocy, compares the coverage of Iraq with a theoretical story on D-Day and pretends to find a direct parallel between the imperialist ambitions of the Nazis and Hussein.

He also thinks it's bogus for the media to write about deaths in Iraq because more people die of other causes than die of an enemy bullet. He's kind of an idiot.

From today's QuickTakes.

Step right this way

Syria's foreign minister on why Syria has been unable to stop terrorists from crossing the border into Iraq:
"They are very determined and many of them dream of seeing an American tank."

We must do everything we can to help them achieve their dream.

I'm actually okay with that sentiment. At least, at the moment I am.

I don't know. Maybe a single state is the solution for the Israel – Palestine problem. That's a problem I've been considering for over a year now, and I'm no smarter today than I was when I started really focusing on it.

And The Weekly Standard seems to be staffed by idiots. This is only a "christian nation" if (a) you're, you know, one of them, and (b) you're more obsessed with labels than lives. (But maybe I'm just persecuting those whose belief systems don't match mine.)

I wonder if we'll ever know the truth about Farhan?

The next time you fly, don't give them the money for that paid audio news program, okay? It's an advertising scam.

“The public has a right to know that these programs are not fair and balanced presentations of controversial political topics, but rather are advertising vehicles for corporate America. Right now, listeners on airlines are deceived into believing they are hearing from the most informed guests possible, when in fact, programming is limited to guests who can afford to pay. Public interest groups like ours are completely priced out. We hope the FTC takes appropriate steps to remedy this situation.”

Will the next war in the Côte d'Ivoire be over cell phones?

I wonder if the Powers That Be regret the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. now that it's caused their market to meltdown? I wonder what Putin and the other hardliners are up to? (Those of you who are under 30 probably don't know how astonished us older folks are to see such open debate and criticism in Russia, but I assure you it sometimes just stuns me.)

Drat...conference call time.

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