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October 28, 2003
Etc., etc., etc.

More on how we helped create the ugly mess that is the modern Middle East.

We have a history of supporting repressive regimes, okay? More than that, we have actively pursued a foreign policy of placing despots in power and keeping them there.

It goes far beyond the Administration currently in power. The citizens of this country need to pay more attention to world events and to demand more transparency in what our government is doing, and why.

Well, well. Those two 'civilians' killed the other day, the ones rumored to be CIA employees except that the Agency denied ever having heard of them and said they worked for the State Department, except State said not? Turns out they were CIA employees.

Is Clark's support ebbing? Are Democrats, as this article says, now actually looking for a Liberal candidate?

Lookee! Lookee! From Mark Evanier, another example of fandom going pro.

Michael Reaves has two new projects out. He was an editor of Shadows Over Baker Street, an anthology of original stories by various authors, including Neil Gaiman. This is the book that asks the musical question: What would happen if Sherlock Holmes and Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos crossed paths?

Unlike most of the fandom-related stories I cite, this one annoyed me. Of all the kinds of fandom stories I dislike, crossovers (mixing two disparate universes) are the type I probably dislike most.

And, finally and sadly, there are homeless gnomes in France. They're gonna need an adopt-a-gnome program. Every gnome deserves a good home.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:36 PM


Ah, Gnomie. Mulder still loves you.

Posted by: Mel at October 28, 2003 06:43 PM