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October 29, 2003
Skimming the news

Heh. Color me so sorry that Flight Suit Boy is finding that that blatant PR ploy is causing him problems as the war drags on. Does he really think he can get away with revisionism when we have the whole thing on tape?

Not surprisingly, Molly Ivins is all over the idea of offering PR instead of solutions.

And, for those not yet tired of the subject, here's an offering from Kenny Ausubel on Conservative PR efforts.

(By the way, research says the number of civilian casualties during the Iraq invasion are around 13,000. Actually, it's between 11-15,000. There's no way to be more precise since the DoD decided dead civilians don't count and consequently didn't count them.

I don't think all of these count as "civilian casualties of war, but certainly the story does speak to the idea that peace does not reign in Baghdad.

As does this story:

FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) - A car bomb exploded Tuesday near a police station on a major street in the tense city of Fallujah, killing at least four people, police said. The attack came a day after a series of suicide bombings in Baghdad left about three dozen dead.

Here's a discussion of strategy in Iraq. Or, rather, of options we've chosen to refuse.

In Liberia, their 'liberation' from Charles Taylor isn't quite a done deal. Have you been reading this diary of an aid worker?

Along with the news that 11 of the remaining 13 Russian miners have been rescued comes the news of yet another mine explosion.

Meanwhile, in the country's far east, an explosion in a mine in the Primorye region claimed five lives. Another 66 miners were rescued after an explosion in the "Tsentralnaya Mine" in the town of Partizansk,

And Texas Democrats have not yet given up the redistricting fight.

Bend it like Cheney.

The good news is that the company that makes those Cross pen and pencil sets we all seem to get for graduation at some point is doing well enough that they're moving into new headquarters. The bad news, of course, is that said headquarters and the company's jobs are moving to China. Here's a related story about the importance of a city's corporate base.

There's no point in a lot of random linking. Just read everything on Common Dreams today. (If you don't have time for all of it, read this fable.)

From an e-mail I received:

Some miscreants are now selling, for 300 clams, a device that mimics the doohickey fire trucks and ambulances have to change traffic lights green as they approach. The authorities use these to get to actual emergencies and save lives, but the bozos who buy these just want to get around faster. Hey! Slimeball! We all want to get there faster! And what happens when two of them approach the same intersection at the same time? This would be worse than two teens fighting for the remote during Monday Night Football/7th Heaven.

There is, in fact, no end to the dangerously egocentric selfishness of some people.

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