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October 30, 2003
Things I find interesting

Via Bengt at off_topic, I've added UNWire to my list of sites to check every day. (I need to get my blogroll updated.)

The Award for the Most Interesting Site I Found By Myself (okay, Google helped) has to be Namebase.org. Obviously I've barely skimmed a fraction of the information there, but I think the site deserves some attention. I don't completely understand what it is they're trying to do, but the collection of links and documents they're gathering is fascinating. For instance, here's Enron information.

Transnationale is another interesting site I just discovered, but I haven't yet decided if I'd want or need such detailed information on a corporation often enough to warrant paying about $175 for a year's access.

Those with an interest in the healthcare system and the recent, somewhat frightening history of the corporate version in the USofA might want to browse through the Corporate Healthcare Home Page. Seems to be maintained by Michael Wynne at an Australian university.

Fairness.com seems to be going through a major upgrade, but the main page promises they'll be back on October 30.

Blogwise, those of you not yet reading Riverbend really should go over and read her 10/29 entry, if nothing else.

Me, I say if the Right gets really torqued about you, got gotta be hitting them where it hurts, so you go, Krugman.

The gist of Turkey's decision to withhold troops is, I'd suspect, a lot more a result of the 80% of their citizens who strongly opposed the move than the declared "ineptitude" of the USofA post-invasion plan. (Not that said ineptitude isn't a good reason, in and of itself.) I don't think the government wanted to be seen as bowing to pressure, even internal pressure, but I'd be surprised if the overwhelming opposition wasn't a major factor.

Is it a joke if is isn't funny? If it's not only not funny, but a degrading racial slur made to a fourth-grader? Forget the "temporary transfer" idea and fire Gail Kaplan.

Election Day. It's coming soon (next Tuesday) to a polling booth near you. Vote.

I don't always agree with the IPA's coverage of Bush claims versus the facts but there's good reading and good links, so give the page a try.

Headlinewise, I read that Bush is embarrassed and, no doubt, aggravated that his Administration can't get their words and their actions to match.

And while I don't doubt that someone, somewhere, has what they think is a rational explanation for some of the weird things we do, I have to admit that I find reports like this both infuriating and embarrassing.

This column provides a fascinating look at the machinations going on inside of Russia's government.

I'm still following the story of the so-called 'Patriot Act' cases appearing before the Supreme Court. Igt's not easy, because they're all so secret no one knows what most of them are, but I'm trying.

I haven't found any coverage of it online yet (short of time today) but this morning on NPR I heard that Zimbabwe's doctors and nurses are out on strike. The government, such as it is, sent in military doctors to some hospitals to help with the wounded, but many of the hospitals are having to close anyhow. They don't have food or medicine. With a 70% unemployment rate, Zimbabwe had it bad already.

Here at home, George Will argues in favor of the death penalty. He acknowledges that DNA tests prove that innocent people get convicted of capital crimes, but he also argues that some crimes (where, one supposes, actual proof of, you know, guilt, are too heinous not to put someone to death for.

Locally, we've got a sort of sleet/snow thing going on this morning, which has been an enormous help to those fighting the fires around Denver.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:53 AM


Re: Kaplan

Not funny. That would be an appalling thing to say to any child, even without the racial stuff. With it, of course, Ms Kaplan should be re-routed to her true calling-- unemployment.

Kids of that age, all of them, are particularly easy targets when it comes to disparaging their families. When such disparagement comes from an adult, their worst insecurities are validated.

Posted by: pericat at October 30, 2003 08:20 PM

I know. The very fact that this person wasn't automatically FIRED tells me that this society isn't nearly as knee-jerk PC as some people claim it is.

Posted by: Anne at October 31, 2003 09:16 AM

PC? Ha! "PC!" is the rejoinder hurled back at anyone who protests lack of civility.

I, too, don't understand why she wasn't fired immediately. One would think that degrading students would be a zero-tolerance activity. I'm trying and failing to come up with anything that would qualify as an extenuating circumstance.

Posted by: pericat at October 31, 2003 10:06 PM