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November 03, 2003
What shall we discuss today?

The new consititution in Afghanistan?

The continuing efforts of Ecuadoran Indians to bring oil giant Texaco to task for allegedly contaminating their country?

The implicit racism of our social institutions?

The 16 soldiers killed in what some headlines are calling a 'chopper crash' even while the bodies of the stories refer to the reports of missile trails? (Or whether or not, in light of other, similar attempts the military was cautious enough about where the Chinooks were allowed to fly?)

The Rumsfeld interview?

Whether this was an exercise in bad taste (when posted to a weblog) or a fascinating historical glimpse of how the world saw Hitler before the horror of WWII and whether or not the blogger should have become embroiled in the mess he describes?

Andy Rooney's speech-writing abilities?

The truth is, I've got a pile of work in front of me that's not getting any smaller, so that's where most of my attention will be.

And if I have a minute to spare, I think I'll go read an older article and contemplate the truth inherent in the headline. Needed: A Vast Liberal Conspiracy

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