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November 03, 2003
The Blogroll

And, speaking of institutionalized racism, was it racism or just timing that made Lynch's story worth of a made-for-tv-movie (which I don't intend to watch) while Johnson's story remains unknown to all but a handful of people?

Elayne has thoughts on the Philadelphia schoolgirls story, as does Ben, who would like to see more people in our society getting a whuppin.

There's a part of me (the part that was driving when some idiot crammed his SUV into a tiny gap in traffic in front of me this morning) that sort of agrees with him. I do approve of law and order and of leaving punishment to the courts, but...there's no denying there are people who take advantage of the fact that there's no actual law against cutting someone off in traffic or blocking the supermarket aisle with their Volkswagen-sized cart or carrying on loud cell-phone conversations in libraries.

I'll bet that people who left their wagons sprawled across the entire main street of town 200 years ago, blocking traffic and annoying their neighbors, were taught by a little on-the-spot action that they were not, in fact, the center of the entire universe and that they had to give a little thought to other people's convenience and safety as well.

Check out Sebastian Holsclaw's thoughts on a situation that might call for judicial impeachment.

In his, "War: Lessons Learned" category, Andrew Olmsted offers us more news from Iraq today.

A recently-promoted friend has provided me with a new report from Iraq. This one looks at some infantry operations and includes some good assessments of what we're seeing in Iraq and what that means for the occupation and reconstruction. As usual, my comments are interspersed.

Definitely worthwhile reading.

I don't often agree with Jane Galt, but I agree with this quote. We made this mess, now we gotta clean it up. I don't agree with those a lot of the comments, but that's to be expected.

"James" in particular, not only ties Hussein's extremely secular rule to a perception that " religion is more important than rationalism" in Iraq, but misuses an apostrophe in the first sentence of his comments. (Yes, I'm petty like that.) Also, I think the USofA casting stones at other countries for institutionalized corruption smells a little like "pot, meet kettle."

Via Garcia Tagorda a link to an interesting column by by Brownstein of the LATimes.

Other than that, I've done a bit of messing around on the blogroll at the side. I know...I said I needed to work today, and I do, but I've been meaning to do a little maintenance for a couple of weeks now, so I just did.

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