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November 03, 2003

For those of you following the story of how teacher Gail Kaplan delivered an insulting and obnoxious racial slur to a 4th grader, you'll be glad to know she's been...not quite fired, but put on indefinite administrative duty so at least she's not in the classroom abusing students today.

Still, she should have been fired. What's with pretending that maybe she didn't understand what she was saying? How stupid is she?

"Sensitivity training" is a waste of time and a purely cosmetic "fix" for the situation.

No one could make such a remark, in this day and age, without understanding just how inexcusable it was. And no one who makes such a remark has any business working anywhere near children. (I don't want them working around me, either.)

IMO, a transfer isn't enough. Real "sensitivity" would have been to fire this woman to prove that the district itself has, in the words of a comment on my original entry, zero tolerance for racial slurs.

Posted by AnneZook at 04:19 PM