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November 04, 2003
Egotistical moments

Looking at the stats for my site isn't something I remember to do often, but when I do, I'm always bemused.

Why do I get more referrals from a German site than from anywhere else?

How did I manage to garner two hits from the IAEA and are they watching me?

If a domain is parked, how can it be referring visitors to me?

Keywords are even weirder.

How could my site pull a hit for "evil sex angst"? Do I even want to know? (Could someone help me get past the point of wondering if the searcher was looking for angst about evil sex or for evil about sex angst?)

Who is "Roger Stroope" and did I actually refer to him at some point? Ditto for "Gerald Eskenazi" and why did I get four hits on that name?

I really need to pay more attention to what I say, don't I? Because if I've really be writing about "Antonia Zerbisias diet hints" I need to rethink the usefulness of this site.

The strangest and most interesting referral was the name wizard.yellowbrick.oz, but then I found this and realized it was a spammer or a hacker or something.

On the other hand, if I actually wrote about the (an?) "April 19 history burning of the treasury" then I'd like to see the post because it sounds like an interesting topic.

I'm sure I never wrote about the Puritans looking at forecasting the future as a crime, or about tourism ruining everything it touches in Cambodia. If those were from Google, they need to clean up their algorithms. And if Avedon Carol asks you, no, I'm sure I never wrote anything on the subject of, "Avedon Carol nude." I wouldn't be that rude.

Posted by AnneZook at 07:34 AM


But bras are ok.

Posted by: Avedon at November 4, 2003 10:02 PM

Well, that's a personal choice, of course. :)

Posted by: Anne at November 5, 2003 01:43 PM