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November 04, 2003

Poll-watchers are a time-honored and, in my opinion, valuable tradition of our voting system. It's distressing that, from the 'outside' of this situation, I can't tell if the intent in this case is good or not. Lacking any solid evidence to the contrary, I'm going to assume that it is, and that these are honest people working for fair elections. We need that kind of thing. Florida, for instance, really just can't have a third tarnished election in a row.

And those of you wondering about the attempts to advance-censor the Reagan miniseries might be interested to know that pressure from the Right may succeed in getting it cancelled before it airs.

Drawing Republican fire over the accuracy of its upcoming mini-series "The Reagans," CBS appears ready to present a kinder, gentler portrait of the ailing former president than originally produced -- if the network airs it at all.

Personally, I'd rather they didn't air it at all than air a version that's admittedly dishonest. It must be sad to be not only that paranoid, but that afraid of what people might say.

From TomDispatch, an argument that we have no withdrawal strategy for Iraq because the Administration thought they could go in, take down the government, build a few permanent USofA bases, and then leave with no problems.

Krugman is interesting today.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has it's own site and will, one presumes, be giving us updated coverage of the genocide trials due to start in a few days. The site does offer a "daily journal" as well as "daily case minutes" and it looks like the "case minutes" are where the details of what's being said will show up.

Via Archy, here's an unsanitary sort of story.

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