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November 06, 2003
A few more examples

Ironic juxtaposition. It's a thing of beauty.

Preparing for President Bush's visit to North Carolina this week, the White House tried Wednesday to soothe angry textile makers who blame U.S. trade policies for job losses. Commerce Secretary Donald Evans said the administration is doing several things to help the industry. Bush is scheduled to hold a $1 million campaign fund-raiser Friday in Winston-Salem.

(From CNN Politics.)

As I expected, a lot of bloggers are covering the whole, "Iraq wanted to avert war" story but Josh Marshall offers the cautionary caveat that I forgot to put on my own links. In short, it might not be true, so let's stay calm.

I didn't know this and I'm ashamed of myself. I doubt I could have gotten more than nine of the cabinet positions and certainly I wouldn't have been able to name them in order of succession. (Yes, I'll be memorizing this list.)

Even though Republicans cut the "no profiteering" clause out of the eighty-seven billion dollar appropriations bill they just passed, what's happening in Iraq seems to be a bit more than some of them can swallow. There's a story that Halliburton, who has been charging the army an outrageous sum for fuel under the no-bid contract they were given won, could be replaced some a company, dare I say it? Somewhat less rapacious.

I have no idea who 'Kim du Toit' is, but, reading reading Matt Yglesias, I see that Kim thinks Real Men Don't Need No Stinkin' Wimmin so my life is probably improved by my ignorance.

(I'll forgo the usual, "closeted much?" joke to say that I think Matt might have done the world a favor by not linking to a clear nutcase, but if he hadn't, I'd have missed my morning giggle, so instead I'm thanking him.)

What's Ashcroft up to? Is it that he can't get Big Brother Patriot II passed, so he's redefining the previous guidelines to let him do whatever he wants, or what? (Via The Agonist)

And why not try reading Sebastian Holsclaw's The Reasons For the War (Part II)? (Part I was posted yesterday.) Aside from a few differences in how we interpret certain events, I'm finding this series interesting.

Apparently Republicans are too busy leaving some pork on the table to care about Bush's broken promise of "no child left behind."

"Don't ask, don't tell" may put a stop to a significant amount of the army's recruitment efforts. Except...not, because it seems that the Pentagon has or can portray itself as having the power to cut off federal funding from any university that keeps recruiters off-campus.

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