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November 10, 2003
We make me tired

Well, we do sometimes, okay?

First, UNESCO is trying to get the subject of national film & television rights and marketing moved from the WTO agenda to the UNESCO agenda under the grounds that it's as much or more "cultural" as it is a business, I guess. Makes sense to me but of course the USofA, who has a lot more influence in the WTO than in UNESCO is professing astonishment that other countries might think a binding international agreement that allows each country to promote and protect their own industries is needed. (From NPR this morning.)

Then, over in Nigeria we seem to be not only endorsing, but indulging in 'state-sponsored terrorism.' I had my doubts about the bounties we placed on Taliban and al Quaida members and reports like this make me even more inclined to believe they're a bad idea.

Guatemala had their elections. Early estimates show the turnout at over 80%. If you live in any part of the "free world" and don't vote, you should be ashamed of yourself.

(I know I am. Through a mistake, I forgot to take my ballot with me when I left for work last Tuesday. By the time I got home that evening, it was too late to drop it off anywhere. I make me crazy when I do stupid things like that.)

Pakistan's professed outrage over discovering that the U.K. bugged their building is too predictable to be interesting. Governments have been bugging the offices of foreign powers on their soil since...well, since the invention of bugs. Friend or foe, makes no difference. Every few years a story like this breaks and everyone involved expresses outrage as though it's news to them. Then it drops off the front pages and it's espionage-as-usual for a few more years.

Remember a few years ago, the Big Tire Scare, when they were recalling tens of thousands, if not more, faulty tires? Seems that there's at least a small resurgence of that problem. It's not good, not good at all that this is a tire that seems to be in common use on "rescue vehicles."

Also, once again, the Bush Administration demonstrates its deep caring and concern for the troops. Not.

And the controversy over "The Reagans" miniseries goes on. Cowardice is what the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial calls it, but they do support my view of the problem which is that economic pressure is not the same as censorship.

And who's pushing the electronic voting machines on California? Former state officials who are now employees of the folks making the machines. (Registration required)

I'm just saying. I know this is common practice in Washington and in the states, hiring people with government experience and "contacts" to push your company's good and services, but it smells. Government officials in positions of power and influence, who have the power to award contracts, should be banned from accepting jobs from companies doing business with the government for, let's say, seven or eight years after they leave office.

In the Good News Department, we have Al Gore standing up publicly and accusing the Bush Administration of using the "war on terror" as a private power grab to implement a secretive and repressive rule. It needed to be said. Whether it's true or not, there are enough questions being raised publicly that it needed to be said and it needs to be fully debated in public and under the glare of spotlights. (And none of that limiting questions to the "approved" list stuff, either.)

Also, blogdom's own Chris Albritton, of Back to Iraq 2.0 is in the news. Not only his phenomenal success in getting readers to fund his independent trip back into Iraq, but for what he learned when there.

Also, when I post incoherent rants about how we should make a few changes to what we're doing? The ones where I have complaints, but no answers? I love the internet, because if you wait a day, you can always find someone who articulates it better and has the germ of a plan.

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