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November 10, 2003

Via John McKay, let me point out that this is censorship. It's also revisionism and propaganda and distasteful on all three accounts.

Pressured for time, and hoping to avoid political controversy, the Ministry of Education under the US-led coalition government removed any content considered "controversial," including the 1991 Gulf War; the Iran-Iraq war; and all references to Israelis, Americans, or Kurds.

Good grief.

Also, that "Toit" person (the quotation marks are because I don't know if this is a pseudonym or not) who wrote the whiney essay about how Real Men Don't Need Wimmen and people who renege on their car loans should be shot down in the streets? Someone at Philosoraptor, a blog new to me, coins a new word for us, "duToitified" and defines it. There's also a long entry on the Toit rant that you should read.

You become duToitified when you’ve got it so good that you lose all perspective on the world and as a result exaggerate minor unpleasantries into vexations of Biblican proportions. That is, you become an insufferable weenie.

Hee. Hee. I got there via Avedon Carol's discussion, which you should also read.

Welcome to the Machines points out that not all manufacturing jobs are going elsewhere. Lots of them are disappearing into the black hole of "improved productivity." (That means, machines are getting the work.) Susan has some thoughts on the matter, as well.

Cheney Rules, although not in a good way. But we knew that, right?

And this has been bothering me all day. On NPR this morning, I heard them introducing a deputy secretary (I think) at the State Department's Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. He explained that his job is to monitor what the government is doing in the 'war on terror' to see if we're using the same tactics today that we've used, and that have gotten us into a lot of trouble, in the past.

You know. Supporting repressive or terrorist regimes, turning a blind eye on dictators and despots that imprison or abuse their political opponents. The kind of thing we've done dozens of times. The sort of behavior that led to the formation of the Taliban in the first place.

It's good to know there's someone whose job it is to watch us and see if we're doing that kind of thing any more.

But. He didn't talk about it to any extent I heard. No one seemed to ask him if he saw any signs of the government doing that, how much 'access' he had to file reports on potential problems, or even if he was giving the current Administration a clean bill of health on the subject.

And all morning I've been wondering what questions they asked him before I happened to hit that button on my radio dial. So far I haven't been able to find the story on the NPR site or anywhere else. It's very frustrating.

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