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November 11, 2003
Yes, I'm still in a bad mood

Hee Hee. Look at that, a Democrat with a spine!

Kick a puppy for your country!. Seriously. If this guy has been out there harassing the anti-war folks "for months" he might actually need some help. Anyone who asks an armed policeman what he's done for his country lately is clearly in need of therapy.

I was in just the right mood to read what Emma wrote.

And what Susan wrote.

And I was already mad, I didn't need to read a transcript of the press corps getting McClellan to admit that the government sympathizes with those who have been tortured, but thinks it has better uses for any money it finds than, you know, upholding the law and compensating them.

More unethical shenanigans from the people who brought us the Florida Voter Purge? For the record, I don't think renaming the disastrous and failed "Total Information Awareness" to "The Maxtrix" makes it any less frightening but it was a good PR move.

Jonas Söderström has a good entry (in English!) on McDonalds' outrage over the inclusion of "McJob" in Merriam-Webster. Me, I say that if working at McDonalds wasn't the essence of mindless, faceless, interchangeable roboticism, the word wouldn't have been coined in the first place, but that's just my opinion, of course.

Go take a look at the entry and then consider whether or not you want to support institutionalizing what is, after all, an American institution, the entry-level, assembly line job market that is, I should add, pretty much the only part of the "jobs" economy that shared in the recent and much-touted look! new jobs economic "expansion."

(Also, in spite of my grumpiness, I'm pleased to see that the informal "Swedish words and phrases" document I'm creating for myself is getting big enough to help me at least begin to understand a Swedish language blog. Obviously I'm not going to get the nuances, but it's a start.)

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