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November 11, 2003
10 Peevish Things

At the moment, I'm aggravated by a number of things.

#1 People who will not drive when the light turns green at intersections. I'm not one of those who demands that the driver in front of me slam on the acceleration the instant the light changes, but I'm also not someone who views with indifference the sight of a man chatting on a cell phone with oblivious indifference to the traffic piling up behind him. Hang up and drive, moron.

#2 - Able-bodied people who push the "automatic open" button on doors, You know the buttons, the ones designed to let handicapped people maneuver wheelchairs or crutches across a threshold without having to try and hold the door open at the same time. The sight of an able-bodied person who feels unable to muster the effort to push open a door infuriates me.

#3 - People who take the elevator down one floor. Seriously. If you're in reasonably good health, take the freaking stairs. Your heart, and your butt, will thank you. Down, okay? About twelve steps. Lazy pig.

#4 - And, speaking of elevators, people who dash onto a crowded elevator and then hold the door open so they can finish a conversation with someone who isn't getting on also annoy me. Inconsiderate jackasses.

#5 - People who change lanes in traffic without signaling. I've been watching this for the past year and every time someone signals they want to change lanes, the cars beside them move to let them in. Why do some fools prefer to rudely dive from one lane to another without signaling their intention? Do they want to have an accident or do they, as someone told me, feel that the rules apply to everyone but them?

#6 - Loud radios at red lights. Okay, I'm getting old and cranky, but probably I don't like your music and if I'm sitting in traffic with all of my windows rolled up, your radio shouldn't be so loud that I can't hear the radio in my own car.

#7 - People who fight with cashiers. It's not the cashier's fault if you picked up an item with no barcode, if the brand of butter you want isn't the brand that's on sale, or if your coupon expired six months ago. Shut up, pay for your groceries, and get out of the way.

#8 - Grocery carts. They're too big. I know that's supposed to make it easier for us all to buy more, but you can't fit ten items into one of those carry baskets and the new, oversized carts are too big to fit into the express lane. If I want to buy 40 items at the grocery store, I can go alone, but if I only need eleven items, I have to take someone with me to help carry them.

#9 - People who steal grocery carts.

Also? People who steal grocery carts and then abandon them on the roadside.

And people who, having finished with their grocery cart in the store parking lot, just give it a shove out of their way and drive off. Return it to the store or put it in one of those "corrals" the stores provide, you slug.

Most things about grocery carts annoy me.

#10 - Having to work when I'm in a bad mood and should be allowed to curl up at home with a novel and pamper myself. I hate being a grown-up.

If ever there was a day when I needed a few kinds words, deserved or not, this is one of them.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:19 PM


Dear Anne,

You are nice! You are, in fact, great! I think you have lost a few "pounds", haven't you? I am sure you could easily become Governor of California when they recall Arnold.

This being said, I would like to point out that we welltrained people of good health don't *need* to run up or down the stairs, that's why we take the elevator. Also, it is very difficult to signal just because we have to change lanes when we are discussing extremely important business or political things over the phone since we need one hand for the "cell" phone and another one for the steering wheel. (If you drove a little slower it wouldn't bother you.)

Probably you don't have this problem in America but the really annoying people are those little old ladies who insist on trying to find exact change for the supermarket cashier or the bus conductor. That is where we lose our valuable time.

(I marked all this -except the first paragraph-with the html tags for "irony" but they don't seem to be accepted by your comments function ;-)

Posted by: Bengt at November 11, 2003 03:48 PM

You didn't need the tags. :)

Thanks for the (underserved) compliments and yes, I should have remembered old ladies in the check-out line.

Posted by: Anne at November 12, 2003 09:18 AM