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November 12, 2003
Hee. Hee.

Well, I laughed, anyhow.

Read this entry from Tom. (I somehow missed this one on the first when he posted it, but thanks to the invaluable Avedon Carol, I saw it today.)

(Also? I share Tom's enjoyment of Stephen's blog, although I read it mostly for the recipes, and also his dismay at learning that Stephen is an admirer of Rand's work. I always see Rand as the kind of thing you become enchanted with in college and then quickly outgrow.)

How long have I been sick, anyhow? I thought it was only two days, but I seem to have missed linking to a lot of worthwhile stuff. Like this one from Andrew over at The Poor Man.

Eric Alterman has some handy pointers for those on the Right who think the anti-Bush crowd has anything in common with the anti-Clinton crowd. Some of it is a bit "apples and oranges" and it's not his best writing, but it's interesting reading anyhow. (I should be the last person to scold someone else for letting their bias show, after all.)

Mostly I agree with what Hesiod has to say, but I don't agree that it's Bush's fault that the situation is Iraq is so bad. I don't know who's actually calling the shots in the White House, but it's not Bush. Not in the sense that he's "leading" us, I mean. (Okay, in that sense, maybe I do agree with Hesiod. Bush is responsible because he's supposed to be "leading" the country and he's playing chairman-of-the-board instead.)

I think there have always been powerful "factions" in this Administration (natural when you have a weak 'leader') and the worse the public situation gets, the more these factions start to come out of the shadows and turn on each other. I think whoever is talking loudest at the moment is who gets their policies implemented. I also think that as successive rosy scenarios fail to materialize, Bush's "favorites" tend to change - that is, whoever he's listening to at the moment is probably whoever wasn't responsible for the last screw-up. (Again, behavior typical of a weak 'leader.')

The only thing I'm sure about in this Administration is that they lack a serious, cohesive plan for how to implement the outrageous (in my mind) policies they support. (Well, I'm sure of something else, too - that no matter how badly their cherished, ivory tower policies fail in real life, they're never going to understand that the flaws are fundamental to the design. But I'm not a famous political pundit or a scholar on the subject, so I won't bore you with my rationale.)

In the, "the mind boggles" category, take a look at John Hawkins trying to position Wolf Blitzer as a tool of the liberal media. I kid you not.

This Sebastian Holsclaw post makes uncomfortable but thought-provoking reading.

If you're feeling up to it, go read something disgusting, or outrageous (via Cursor).

Or go read something interesting, here or here.

(And let me offer sympathy to Elayne who is facing one of the perils of maturity...bifocals.)

P.S. Go read Morford. He's right.

Posted by AnneZook at 12:01 PM


What's that? Speak up, I need bifocals! :)

Actually I've needed them for about a year, I just can't afford them at the moment...

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at November 12, 2003 05:09 PM