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November 18, 2003

So, Mr. Bush went to London. How nice for London.

And read this:

President Bush was opening a state visit Tuesday armed with the argument that history backs his view that military force is appropriate when Western values are threatened.

(I must have missed the point where History, in all its majesty, decided that "Western values" were henceforth going to reign supreme. Or maybe it's just that I've had the bad taste to read history from other than the USofA perspective in my life.)

Bush is trying to tap into the outpouring of empathy and support that the British displayed after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

That's a dry well, bubba. A concept you should be familiar with, since you've dug a fair number of them in your life.

I guess there are a few more veterans who might not be voting for Bush in '04, too.

And, this just in, the Republican Party has found satan and he's using the alias Soros these days. (Via Atrios.) You know how I feel about "fisking" but this one I just can't let pass....

His assault on Sterling caused the British Empire to shutter.

Okay...what is that all about? Did the Empire "shutter" as in closing all the windows and blocking the light? How, precisely, does one "shutter" an empire? Did they build giant bay windows facing the sea and then put up Venetian blinds?

Is this merely a typo, and did the Empire "shudder" in horror (one presumes) at Sterling's fate? Who is "Sterling" when he's at home? Presumably an inhabitant of said Empire or a very close friend.

I'm thinking it's sentences like that one that gave the Democratic Party it's reputation as the haven of intellectuals.

(11/19 Note: Via Josh I learned that they took the essay down but the author was so proud of his worlds that he put it up on his own site.)

People may disagree with me, but I don't like so-called "hate crimes" legislation. (You can't punish someone, or punish them extra-hard for what they were thinking or for their emotions when they commit a crime. What we need, in place of that, is a "justice system" that delivers justice...fairly and even-handedly regardless of the identity of the victim or the perpetrator.) On the other hand, I wonder if the article is right that today's fight for gay rights isn't really about gays or their rights?

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