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November 19, 2003
Other Headlines

The Scalping Party (It matters, okay? You'll just have to take my word for it that when you grow up, you'll understand that yesterday matters.)

Afghan Security Worries Envoy (Was I the only one who didn't know a new USofA ambassador was arriving there soon?)

Bush, For The Defense (Okay, so he's going to, "subtly invoke Europe's history of appeasement of dictators" to wing support, huh? If I ever saw a human being with a more desperate need of a few Dale Carnegie courses, I don't remember when.)

Bank director wants moonshine for tourists (All I got was free checking.)

Moscow in for hard talks in Washington on Wussia's joining WTO (There's little I can add to that.)

Iraq's Ammo Dumps Endless Blast for U.S. Engineers

NATO on Trial as Afghanistan Spins Out of Control

Beijing threatens war over Taiwan

U.S. defends deportation of Arar

Faux Pax Americana

Is It Possible to Combat Radical Islamism Without Combating Islam?

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