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November 21, 2003
Look at this

Africa is blogging and some of them are English-language blogs.

Trogers writes about politics, from the Christian Right.

Henry writes sporadically from Liberia since he and his family are sometimes on the run. His blog hasn't been updated since October but I'll be checking it to see if he comes back on-line.

Richard writes about "South Africa: Freedom, Democracy, Capitalism".

James lives in London now, but grew up in South Africa.

Someone I think we're supposed to know as Rhino writes about Africa and, as nearly as I can tell, the U.K.

Farrel writes about politics.

Uganisha is my favorite so far.

Noah writes generally about Africa, current events, and politics.

Murray and Andrew write about South Africa and the U.K., the two places they know well.

There are others and of course each blog has its blogroll. Check them out.

Against the Grain is not, of course, a blog. It is, however, usually very interesting.

By now, I'm sure you all know that that infamous Patriot Act expansion is still underway. I have nothing to add to my previous bile on the topic.

I love stuff like this. While the USofA intelligence community mostly just annoys me, I find the U.K. community fascinating.

And that's kind of it for me, for now. I'm still musing over my thoughts in general on the Bush Administration and their invasion of Iraq and their domestic policies and, should time permit, I might come back and bore you with said thoughts.

Having been, most unusually for me, working yesterday, I haven't gotten around to finding a link to the actual text of Bush's speech in London, if one exists. What I've read about the speech makes me want to see it, so if anyone knows of such a link, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Thanks!

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Another IP hits the dust

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