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November 24, 2003
Well, drat

I had not one, but two book reviews I wanted to get transcribed this weekend, but it didn't happen.

Blogging around, I see that there's a minor kerfuffle going on over something obnoxious (big surprise) Lileks said about Salam Pax and that a few conservatives have joined the party.

No, I'm not linking to any of the Right's posts on the subject, but let me suggest that those involved keep their over-fed, over-privileged yaps shut and allow someone whose country has been invaded and whose neighbors and friends have been terrorized or even killed the privilege of being just a little annoyed at demonstrable instances of mismanagement of said invasion.

(I can't believe those guys are arrogant enough to try and dictate how someone living in a war zone is allowed to "speak" to the man responsible for the invasion of his country Well, I mean, I do believe it, because that kind of "Conservative" is nothing if not dictatorial, illogical, and arrogant, but still.)

Elsewhere, intelligent liberals are laughing at the WaPo, which deserves it for its na´ve pretense that there's no right-wing parallel for Soros' offer of money to the Left to defeat Bush. The name "Scaife's" appears frequently, as it should.

Others are repeating stories that Bush&Co and their security team pretty much trashed Buckingham and let me say right out that I don't believe it. Seriously, folks. You need to understand that The Mirror is a tabloid. You can't trust its coverage, okay?

Aarrgghh! I have more to say, but since my boss is well-aware that my work-related tasks for today involve making numerous phone calls, I figure he's about fifteen seconds away from asking me what I'm sitting here typing and why I'm typing instead of dialing.

By the way, I'm going to be out of the office, out of town, actually, from tomorrow through Saturday. I'll have no on-line access, so I won't be blogging or, indeed, seeing any decent news at all. The last time this happened, I suffered severe withdrawal symptoms, but the stress of a Familial Visit should be sufficient to distract me.

For those of you in the USofA, have a good Turkey Day celebration and try not to eat everything you see.

For the rest of you, I wish a peaceful and serene week, if possible.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:06 AM


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Anne! I'll miss you!

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at November 24, 2003 02:55 PM