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December 01, 2003
Playing catch-up

There's no conceivable way I can get caught up on what I missed in six days on every one of the approximately 30 news sites I check a day, so I'm not even going to try.

At moments like this, I give thanks for the blogosphere. I can check the past week's entries on my favorite blogs and see what others have been finding important while I was completely out of touch.

(Completely. Out of touch. The town I was in didn't even have a daily newspaper of its own, much less was I able to lay my hands on the NYTimes. We're talking here about people who think of watching The Weather Channel for the five-day forecast as "checking the news.")

Anyhow. A quick whirl through blogs and headlines shows me that y'all haven't done much of a job keeping a lid on things while my back was turned. Dead bodies everywhere I look.

Mostly, of course, in Iraq, in spite of Bush's condescension in actually stopping by to dish up some turkey to a handful of soldiers who, I don't doubt, would rather have been offered a ride home.

I'm wondering if Bush was actually welcome anywhere he went last week?

There are those who are of the opinion that the Bush visit to the U.K. was a re-election stunt.

File that one under the "Duh Is For Dubya category.

When this was planned, 18 months ago, the rose-colored-glasses crowd in the White House fantasized they'd be riding a wave of euphoria from a short and highly successful victory over Hussein as a part of the "war on terror."

Reality, as we've seen, isn't the Bush Administration's strong suit.

And, of course,, that turkey of a turkey day visit was all too-obviously a cheap stunt. Anyone who thinks that serving a slice of turkey to a handful of soldiers conveys the impression that the president whose administration is slashing veteran benefits really, really cares about the people dying for Halliburton's his war, is delusional.

Here's more coverage although, to be fair, I don't fault the secrecy that surrounded the visit. One thing we've learned is that the guerrillas in Iraq are well-equipped with the kind of weapons that could make the landing of an unwelcome jet a tricky proposition.

Clearly the stupid flight suit stunt on the carrier was too much mocked to make good campaign footage, so they substituted this bit of idiocy. Let's hope it backfires on them the same way.

Meanwhile, of course, the bodies of dead soldiers continue to be ferried back to the USofA in secrecy and to be interred with no public acknowledgement from the White House.

Having a list of 6 million names isn't the same as having a list of 6 million Bush supporters, okay? (Let's just say I know someone who knows someone who, for reasons outside her control, was at a function where Bush wound up appearing and speaking. Since this person subsequently found herself on the receiving end of a succession of money-begging calls from the Republican party, I'd imagine her name is on that list of 6 million. I promise you that there are few things less likely than her going door to door to drum up votes for Dubya.)

I'm just saying. Take a good, hard look at this Administration's track record when it comes to quoting reliable numbers and then make sure you have a large grain of salt handy whenever you read reports about the overwhelming grass-roots support Bush has.

And this is just not true. I mean, when you stop and think of the abuse the Clinton Administration took every time it tried to take action against terrorism . . . or against Saddam Hussein . . . reports like this one are almost laughable.

Also? As far as I'm concerned, the Bush Administration had 500% more to do with turning us into this place than al Qaeda or the Taliban or anyone else did. And for the sins against the democratic principles of this country committed in Miami alone they should be voted out of office. By, let us hope, a 2-to-1 margin. At least.

I wish I could say it's nice to be back, but the headlines almost make me wish otherwise.

I'm glad the Colorado redistricting was struck down but I'm also very surprised. I didn't actually think there were any constitutional grounds for opposition. I should pay more attention to the state constitution, I guess.

Told you so. Even aside from the author's indignation at the portrayal of the "Great Communicator" as a babbling fool, you can tell that The Reagans "miniseries" was garbage.

Anyhow. Considering that I've been out of the office for the last week, I think it behooves me at this time to go do some actual work.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:33 AM