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December 02, 2003
Blogging Around

Everything Ampersand says today is interesting, especially the part about how we shouldn't get sidetracked fighting non-racist issues under the guise of fighting racism.

Avedon Carol is always good and today's entry on the dangers of the Administration's approach to "fighting terrorism" is a good one. The ideas aren't new but we need to keep repeating them until people listen.

Avedon Carol also links to Pandagon and a good discussion about getting out the vote.

Over at Calpundit, Kevin discusses the Saudis and the disappearance of their much-promised aid to a post-Hussein Iraq.

Every time I check Chris Nelson's blog and see that lead entry, I get hives.

Over at Hellblazer, John doesn't believe those numbers about the Roshomon Ambush. Juan Cole has more. So does Andrew Olmsted.

And then, Tom Burka is giving the Pentagon a hand by writing the made-for-tv-movie press release for them.

John also pointed me to Obsidian Wings who has a very interesting entry on how the Dems can win in '04.

Jane Galt's entry on "Political cybercrime" is interesting and probably largely accurate. Except for the place where she assumes that hacking access via an easy-to-guess password (her assumption) is somehow different from actually hacking someone's computer.

It isn't a blog but if you're feeling strong, go take a look at the OpinionJournal's attempt to manufacture outrage over those stolen Democratic memos. That poor innocent Republican staffer ought not to be fired, he didn't do nothing wrong, and why doesn't anyone care about the real story of those perfidious Democrats doing strategic, political thinking? (Also, they say Jane Galt is wrong, there wasn't any password at all, the memos were on an open server.)

I'm not going to get into the Democratic comparison of some Bush nominees with nazis. I refuse to be dragged into that debate at this point. I'm just going to point out that the illustrious OpinionJournal (not) might find some cause for blushes and apologies in the wording of some Republican memos.

And, in the meantime, over at Right Wing News, someone thinks it's Big News that McClain apologized to the Navy for that "drunken sailors" remark in reference to the upcoming Federal budget.

It's not a blog, but over at Mother Jones there's a good Molly Ivins column. (Don't forget to click the Rhetoric vs. Reality link to see a comparison of Bush's promises versus his actual behavior.

And via Emma we get to two stories worth comparing. One is Mike Allen's published account of Bush's fly-by-night scamper to Iraq. The other is his pool report (i.e., a sort of blog of the trip itself). Emma thinks giving the (few) reporters on the trip the "first-class" treatment probably affected their coverage of the event. Knowing, as we do, that reporters can be easily bribed by preferential treatment, I don't doubt it.

Over at the Online Journal's blog, Bev doesn't think Bush served turkey dinner at all. She thinks it was an early-morning stunt with soldiers dragged from their beds to serve as photo-props.

Read Unganisha.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:39 AM


An open server?


What morons!

Posted by: JohnC at December 2, 2003 12:05 PM

If it's true, it's certainly not a sign of intelligence. Sigh.

Posted by: Anne at December 2, 2003 12:53 PM