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December 04, 2003
Let me ask you

This counts as "rude but funny." The actual resignation letters of Bush Administration officials are, in some cases, blunt enough. Is creating fictitious "first drafts" a little over the line? Maybe, but it's a nice review of some of the less savory policies of the Administration.

Did you read Molly Ivins on Congress? It pays to remember these things.

Oh, please. How cheesy can these photo-ops get?

Those durned libruls are plotting against Bush again, over two hundred of the unpatriotic ("objectively pro-facist") traitors, all talking about the issues and raising money for a Democratic candidate. The Right is screaming, "foul!" because it's just so wrong and un-American and unpatriotric to get together in groups and raise money and talk about a different way of doing things.

Have they considered that the fairly recent revelation that a prominent Republican moneygrubber fund-raiser was actually Chinese spy might put their own party under a bit of a cloud vis-a-vis "where the money comes from"?

Did the delicate timing of Bush postponing the announcement of the end of protective steel tariffs until after he had a chance to hit Michigan up for a chunk of re-election cash strike not them as underhanded political shenanigans? If not, would that be because regardless of whatever else Bush does, he rarely discusses actual political issues, so even though it was a fund-raiser, it was hardly a political event?

Cheney is raising a lot of money, too, but the press never reports it. Why not? Because he doesn't invite them to the party, give them stupid nicknames, and pander to their egos? . Do we really need a media that just ignores the behavior of a major public figure because he's mean to them or something?

Here's a story about the Bush Administration defending their no-legal-rights policy of open-ended detainment of, well, anyone they darned well please, in Guantanamo.

In a completely unrelated story, really, here's a story about the Bush Administration approving exports of items suitable for torturing prisoners to, well, countries that are strongly suspected of indulging in torture.

Is the Administration all about Democracy as long as it doesn't get out of hand here at home?

""At what point is national security so important that a person can't get a fair trial?"

Does it matter if they're USofA citizens or should we, as I've said repeatedly, treat all human beings as people with rights?

Posted by AnneZook at 10:09 AM