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December 04, 2003
It's not ALL good news

Okay, practically none of it is.

Sure, the Bush Administration's Big Brother Homeland Security mob is cutting back on requiring immigrant men from Middle Eastern countries to register and explain themselves, but there's still plenty of racial and religious persecution allowed under their regulations.

David talks about the scary WMD that have been found.

Yes, they have. They've been found. (No, not in Iraq, don't be silly. In Texas.)

Read the whole post. Read the last couple of posts, in fact, and contemplate the contribution that USofA weapons technology has made to the world, allowing any lunatic with a grudge to become a significant threat to the world's security.

Okay, not just any lunatic. I mean, it doesn't look like Saddam Hussein was able to get his hands on any.

Go read Josh Marshall today, on the rabid reaction to the Geneva Accord. What, precisely, do you suppose people find so terrifying in the thought of an acceptable, negotiated compromise?

Surely this one will be struck down in the courts? Illegal search-and-seizure, invasion of privacy, whatever.

Over at The Nation, Engelhardt is still all over the Samarra story and that changing and unsubstantiated body count.

I kept seeing links to this but I just now got around to reading it. You go read it, then check out the site's front page where a younger reader asks how to address these issues in conversation with the "older" generation. (But before that, be sure and scroll down on the front page to take a look at the latest electronic voting machine problem.) I'm not sure that I agree with everything the author has to say, but it was interesting reading.

Over at the American Enterprise Idiocy Institute, they're apparently planning to hold a seminar about a "progressive consumption tax" to replace the "progressive income tax." There's such a wealth of stupidity in that idea that even I, one of the economically uneducated, can feel my brain about to explode just considering them.

And while you're there, if you're bored, you can check out Newt writing about Christmas during the Civil War and pretending it has something to do with our illegal and unprovoked invasion of Iraq. Could someone explain to him how we don't, we really don't send soldiers out to die to defend Christianity?

Also, if you go read Daniel Drezner you'll see that my skepticism about the 'skyrocketing' productivity numbers is probably justified.

Eric Alterman's column is good today. I assume y'all read him every day, but if you don't, today is a good day to start.

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