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December 05, 2003

Coming soon, to a video camera near you?

Maybe not.

George Sybil Bush does have a ring to it, though. It's true that whatever foreign policy beliefs he holds privately (I'm charitably assuming he has actual opinions), the public exoression of them remains a stew of weird and unlikely ingredients.

And if you're not an oil lobbyist, it pays to be a long-time friend.

Krugman thinks all of this is just Bush demonstrating what a comedian he is.

I can't be the only person who finds the creation of "free speech zones" all a bit too Orwellian and I know I'm not the only one who thinks it's about time we challenged the arrests of peaceful protesters who refuse to stay "in the zone." (I'd say the violence at the Philadelphia convention was as likely to have been created by the frustration of people forced into "the zone" as anything else.)

I really do think that anyone waiting for a "groundswell of support" for reinstating the draft is in for a disappointment. For one thing, those 'disaffected white males' that everyone discusses as Bush's voter base, well, a lot of them are draftable, you know. It's one thing to support the pre-emptive invasion of non-aggressive countries in theory and to make noble speeches about "sacrifice" (as our so-called 'leader' knows) and it's quite another to put your own fat butt on the firing line.

We can only hope that a different "groundswell" appears, one of opposition to the mistaken form of "discipline" DeLay and others are trying to impose on Congress. This is one of the least savory tactics I've seen out of them yet.

On the other hand, Klurfeld repeats the notion that Dick's the one really in charge and it's all his fault

Did the NYTimes actually find and interview an Iraqi resistance fighter?

I continue to be astounded, and a bit disgusted, by the way the media is treating the very recent, and very, very moderate improvements in a couple of areas of the economy. I haven't personally seen any sign that we're riding high and neither has anyone else I know. I'm not saying things might not be improving, I'm no economist, I'm just saying that some holiday production spikes and seasonal, temporary jobs don't, in my book add up to signs of soaring economic gains. Not with all of the other things happening.

How many of us think Limbaugh is going to get away with his history of illegal drug purchases because he's playing the political persecution card? Does anyone actually believe he's being persecuted for being a foul-mouthed hatemonger? (I don't think of him as a "political" figure in spite of how the media treats him.)

And let me applaud Colin Powell, if I haven't done so already, for his willingness to meet with the framers of the Geneva Accord.

(By the way, if gorgeous men are going to start skiing naked, I might take the sport back up myself.)

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