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December 08, 2003
Mind your manners

Good manners are important for a lot of reasons, not the least of which being they're what that allows several million egotistical and belligerent people to live in close proximity without killing each other. Much.

For instance, eating people is wrong. Even if they volunteer.

Meiwes, 41, advertised on the internet for someone he could eat and apparently it took 400 e-mails before he got it right. Quite a few sites exist for people with a predilection for cannibalism, but, like much of the internet, people lie about their age - and their tastes.

According to Meiwes's testimony, several prospective meals showed up at his home, including a man who was wrapped in cling-film with the parts of him he wanted eaten labelled.

But "cannabilees" are picky: the man in cling-film found it "too cold" on the hook that Meiwes had hung him on, so he was cut down and they had pizza instead.

People are just weird, okay? Weird and scary.

And, speaking of eating, please do watch the Peter Jennings primetime special on the USofA and eating tonight. (Scroll down to "More Food For Thought") We saw it advertised this past weekend and plan to watch it. (No, it's not about cannibalism.)

In the "surely not!" category, is there trouble in the Bush - Frist paradise?

In the same category, is the USofA's much-vaunted "productivity growth" over the past ten or fifteen years not actually about traditional productivity at all?

Sometimes those arrested are criminal, sometimes they're falsely accused. The only protection for us all is open and fair trials, with unbribed and unthreatened witnesses and competent lawyers.

Along with their assault on most of the media (not the part owned by Rupert or other conservative defenders, of course), it looks like the Bush Administration has targeted Radio Free Europe for termination. Don't you love the way they hand spend billions to Halliburton in Iraq but can't manage to find a million or two here and there to fund long-term programs with a history of actually doing some good?

Bremer as the new Hussein is a bit extreme, don't you think? I'm not the man's biggest fan but let's be fair - he's in an impossible situation. He doesn't set policy, it's simply his unenviable job to implement it.

Castro's Cuba. What a wonderful place to raise children.

And is this actually the mood of the country?

How many times do we have to say it? Iraq is not post-war Japan.

When you think of "civilization" what image comes to mind first? Indoor plumbing is big on my list. And that includes bathing. Clean, fresh water is something everyone should be able to take for granted.

Terrorism cases fizzling out in US courts: study

A new study of terrorism prosecutions in the United States since the September 11, 2001 attacks shows that while 184 people have been convicted of crimes deemed to involve "international terrorism", defendants were sentenced to a median prison term of just 14 days and, in many cases, received no jail sentence at all.

How many millions did we give Ashcroft to create a system where grandmothers are asked to stop and take their shoes off in the airport?

I've been checking out Cliopatria and may be adding it to the blogroll when I get time to do a little updating. (I agree with Chris. The HNN blogs have always been amazingly ugly. I've never commented on it before because I do sympathize with those who need to sell advertising to stay online, but still.)

Merry Christmas from Baghdad.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:29 AM


I'm waiting for the Administration to come up with the "shark repellent" argument regarding Ashcroft. Oh wait a minute, they're already using it.

Justice officials said the authors failed to appreciate the reality of law enforcement since September 11. It ignored "the value of early disruption of potential terrorist acts by proactive prosecution of terrorism-related targets on less serious charges", said Mark Corallo, a Justice Department spokesman.

Posted by: Hal at December 8, 2003 10:48 AM

The mind boggles.

Suddenly the 2000 purging of the Florida voters rolls of the names of "felons" whose conviction dates were years, even decades, in the future starts to look like part of a pattern.

Posted by: Anne at December 8, 2003 01:30 PM