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December 09, 2003

41 soldiers injured by an Iraqi suicide bomber. Sigh.

Molly Ivins expected to find herself supporting Kerry, but Kerry didn't happen. Nor did any of the other candidates she looked at, so she's picking Dean.

David Brooks isn't crazy about Dean and, quite frankly, neither am I.

And I don't know if I'd necessarily call the current candidate behavior "nasty" but, let me repeat, if they'd all have spent more time talking to us and less time sniping at each other, Dean might not now be scooping up endorsements.

Really, all of the shenanigans in Congress are just getting annoying. I realize that Republicans think they're clever, honing the process of partisan politics with their slice-and-dice tactics, but the inevitable backlash that's going to occur when the Dems are back in the majority is a disturbing thought. I just can't get over being simply appalled by the way Republicans are acting as if there's no tomorrow in these situations. Is there some lack of simple, common sense that prevents them from understanding that they'll wind up paying the price for this kind of behavior? Especially when they turn these tactics against their own party?

Okay, the votes are still coming in, but India's vote for the next USofA invasion is, wait for it, regime change in Cuba!

Opinions in Russia are split. Some thing democracy is a dead issue while others say it's just, you know, sleeping.

On the home front, it looks like terrorism trials aren't as much fun as the boys thought they might be. It's more fun to talk about porn and adultery. Maybe that's because, as the article points out, none of the papers confiscated from the chaplin were marked 'secret' or 'classified' so there wasn't much of a case there.

Anne Kingston salutes Playboy today, but thinks it's all a bit passť, really.

A holiday letter, the year that was.

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