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December 10, 2003

Read Orcinus today on conservatives "projecting." I think it's a bit na´ve to make a sweeping statement that there are no Democrats "projecting" in what they say about Bush, and that all of the Left's objections to the Right are based on fact and objective reason. Also, my own amateur analysis of Bush's personality didn't lead me to the "narcissist" conclusion (although, after reading this, I might change my mind), but by and large I agree with what David says. Especially the part about "projecting" to sublimate anxiety.

Once again, I just have to say to go read everything on Cursor today. They link to such gems as Josh Marshall pointing out that while we're slapping France, Germany, and Russia over not contributing to our war effort by refusing to let them bid on reconstruction contracts, we're also sending Baker over to those same three countries to beg for Iraq debt relief.

The Halliburton gas pricing is back in the news, butI find myself unable to agree that 26 cents a gallon is some kind of outrageous percentage to charge for overhead and whatever "fee" they're referring to. If there's some kind of wrongdoing going on, this story didn't convince me.

Cursor links to a story claiming, again, that Cheney's in charge of the store.

And while most of the media covered the Democratic pile-up to abuse Dean for getting Gore's endorsement, one publication reveals that a few other topics did, in fact, turn up.

Cursor's been good recently. If they keep this up, I can quit blogging and just link to them every day.

Also, it's an older story, but under the heading of, "I'm glad I'm not in Kansas any more," take a look at this one.

GEUDA SPRINGS, Kansas, Nov. 7 - An entire Kansas town will soon be armed after a new law has been passed in Geuda Springs. The city law mandates "every head of household" in Geuda Springs must own a gun.

GEUDA SPRINGS, KANSAS has one paved road, about 50 homes and a city ordinance requiring all of them to have a gun.

The ordinance will go into effect immediately after it's published in the local paper. It reads, "that in order to provide for emergency management of the city, every head of household residing in the city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition."

The ordinance passed here on Monday by a three to two vote. But surprisingly, or not, no one who voted for it would talk to us, not even the mayor, who we tracked down at the local co-op, would not go on camera.

"I'm not going to talk to you about it, simple as that. Just get back in your car and go home," the mayor told us.

"I think it's crazy," said resident, Nathan Cook.

Cook and Scott Ferguson were the two dissenting votes. They say the ordinance was presented and passed all on the same night, leaving even them shaking their heads and wondering why.

"The only explanation that was given that night was to show the surrounding communities around us that we weren't afraid to own a firearm," said Cook.

Still the sun hasn't set on the issue yet. The city attorney is looking over the law to see if it's even legal.

There are provisions in the law that say convicted felons and those with "religious beliefs against gun ownership" don't have to comply.

Here's the kicker: the town doesn't have a police department, so there's no one to enforce the ordinance.

Since I'm whining today, can I ask someone to go over and smack Kansas? Just on general principles, because they commit such outrageous acts of public stupidity?

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