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December 12, 2003
A few more notes

Sixty-one million here, sixty-seven million there, it adds up.

Why . . . you could fund Head Start or a prescription drug plan for Medicare recipients or HIV/AIDS treatments or give the EPA some enforcement powers with that kind of money. Isn't it a shame the government doesn't have that kind of money around?

There are a lot programs, domestic and international, that they've cut during their tenure that could use that kind of money.

Of course, everything doesn't get cut. Not publicly, that is. Some PR-motivated programs die quietly or are being starved behind the scenes.

Federal spending is soaring.

After all, increasing military spending was a campaign promise. We just didn't realize "military" was spelled H-a-l-l-i-b-u-r-t-o-n.

Posted by AnneZook at 01:13 PM