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December 15, 2003

We're having a minor snowstorm here in Denver. "Minor" in that it hasn't resulted in much snow accumulation but there's been some major winds. I usually sit my morning cup of coffee on top of my car while I stow my laptop, lunchbag, and purse in the seat. This morning the wind blew the cup onto the ground.

I mention this because I'm bitterly regretting the coffee I didn't get to drink.

Also, the roads that were pre-treated (no doubt with some heinous chemical) were fine to drive on but the ones that weren't were sheets of solid ice.

First it was a small bunker. Then it was a hole in the ground. Now it was a mudhole. Over at ABC it's alternatively a spider-hold and a cellar.

It's not that I'm not interested in the capture of Saddam Hussein, but almost as fascinating has been listening to the story evolve over the last 24 hours or so.

Do you think the USofA really made him shave off his beard?

Are we supposed to understand that he's rolling over on his cohorts already? It certainly sounds that way.

(Someone please explain to Safire that Hussein's failure to fight when he was discovered wasn't an act of bravery and he wasn't planning a noble stand at his trial. He's a coward who is terrified of dying.)

It's not out of the question that Palast's story is the only one I'll remember a year from now.

Some are already asking, "a href="http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/1215/p01s03-woiq.html " target="new">will it really matter and ooverseas, it looks like the post-capture glow didn't last long.

And, maybe it's because I was listening to NPR and not Fox or whomever Scheer listens to, but I didn't hear anyone anointing Bush for the 2004 race because of what happened on Saturday. I don't doubt there were a number of conservative or just obedient pundits doing just that, though.

This is no longer a simple world, which may prove to be a problem for the tunnel-visioned Bush Administration.

I notice that CNN's "front page" this morning makes no mention of the two suicide bombings in Iraq today. Nor do most of the major outlets, although the story can be found if you look. (It's worth noting that "experts" predicted a short-term increase in violence in Iraq following the capture of Hussein this weekend.)

Anyhow, the rest of Scheer's argument pretty much matches what I was thinking on the way to work this morning. (In the intervals when I wasn't mourning my coffee, of course.) It's great that Hussein has been captured, but it's not a solution to the problems in Iraq.

Nor does it solve the growing PR problem the Bush Administration has around that ban on war dissenters profiteering from reconstruction in Iraq.

And from whence comes this perception, unspoken but present in most of the news stories I've read, that the capture of Saddam Hussein in some way "vindicates" the Bush Administration? Is the invasion suddenly more legal, have the dead soldiers and civilians been magically returned to life, and is the international community abruptly thrilled with being treated with disrespect?

I'm thinking not, okay? I'm hoping that the jubilation over Hussein's capture doesn't get the Bush Administration off the hook.

German coverage has been interesting.


I'd also like to know the details of the actual $87.5 billion appropriation Congress passed in a sudden flurry of enthusiasm.

Don't forget the other war, okay? U.N. May Leave Afghanistan If Security Does Not Improve.

I hope Colin Powell makes a full recovery.

And someone still cared enough about political gerrymandering to discuss it with us today. I'm grateful.

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