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December 15, 2003
Blogging Around

Go read David about the furor around Hussein's capture.

And maybe Chris is right. I'm not more relieved by Hussein's capture because I bought no duct tape, stocked up on no bottles of water, and ordered no MRE's from survivalist websites to protect myself from the evil that was Saddam Hussein.. I never believed he had the resources to make him a huge threat to the USofA. (Now bin Laden's organization is a different story - but since there was no connection between it and Hussein....)


Via Jonas Söderström, comes this suggestion that Hussein wasn't hiding. He was a prisoner.

Understand that I've never seen this website before, make no claims as to the accuracy of their reports, and wasn't really convinced myself by the story. But I always like to offer a number of sides to a story if I can.

In that spirit, let me point out that , via Elayne, I got to Billmon making similar speculations.

Sebastian Holsclaw is a good read today.

Via Jeanne's quote of the day, we see that Human Rights Watch thinks that as a consequence of Hussein's capture, things will either get better or they won't.

Watch out for splinters, Kenneth. That's a pretty rickety fence you're perched on.

Via Kevin, what I think might be an even better "quote of the day." From Iraq: "American is very good but we still want salaries," said one man.

To the list of people I find myself agreeing with today, I'm adding David Korn.

It's sad to see that Matthew Yglesias apparently suffers from occasional delusions. How else to explain his assertion that in the "largely monopolist US newspaper scene [...] papers don't fall all over each other to print bogus stories the way they do in the UK"?

It comes as no surprise to most of us that the Bush Administration has secrecy issues.

And Bengt says maybe we ought to put those neo-McCarthyites to work investigating the Administration.

In a post from skippy on Saturday, but still worth reading, I find that many of my suspicions about the supposed "job recovery" were justified. Except for the part where I still suspect a lot of those jobs are temporary, seasonal ones.

Unganisha has a new entry up.

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