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December 15, 2003
Ethics and Money

Ethics waivers. When are they a good idea? I don't know, but maybe not when a government official is working on a major industry overhaul. I've been watching this story in the industry news and wondering if anyone outside of the medical field was going to demonstrate an interest.

Looking at CNN's main page, I see that the DOW is down 19 points. Bush's "bump" didn't last long, I fully expected to see the markets up for a few days, at least. It's odd, considering that NIKKEI is up 321. I'm not pretending I have any deep understanding of stock markets and maybe it makes sense to "those in the know."

So, I go looking for people who do understand these things. From Dollar reverses gains, hits new low."

The dollar hit another record low versus the euro Monday after President Bush reiterated his support for a strong-dollar policy and said his administration expects the financial markets to set the level for the U.S. currency.

No, I don't really understand what that means. A strong dollar means you do things to make it go lower against other currencies? I don't get that. I did understand this part, though:

In addition, Bush would not rule out new tax cuts next year. "We'll see," he told a news conference.

From the same site, I read This was a super year for tech stocks but that probably won't translate into much job growth in '04.

Was 2003 a strong year for the tech industry? It depends whom you ask. For tech investors, it was a very good year, with the Nasdaq up 46 percent.

But if you're a tech worker, times still aren't so great. According to a recent survey by tech trade group AeA, approximately 234,000 high tech jobs were lost in 2003, building on the loss of 540,000 jobs in 2002.

Also, to illustrate why people like me have trouble understanding financial things, there are two headlines on the "CNN Money" front page, essentially side-by-side:

Broaddus: No inflation worries

PPI drops, but is inflation brewing?

It's like politics, isn't it? What's "true" depends on what you want to believe? None of them actually know what they're doing? That's very annoying, you know.

Are there any grown-ups left on the planet?

Posted by AnneZook at 03:31 PM