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December 16, 2003
Blah, blah, blah

We want Old Europe to forgive Iraq's debts. They won't because we refused to let them play in the best reconstruction games. All of those are just bargaining points, everyone adopting a 'tude and strutting around making noises until the backroom boys make a few deals. (For the record, Spain, one of our "allies" in the Iraq invasion, has yet to see any significant reconstruction contract awarded to it. Typical of the Bush Administration which seems as willing to diss its friends as anyone else.)

I thought it was my imagination, but maybe it isn't. Not if other people are experiencing it as well. Actually, no one has attacked me in a parking lot, but I've noticed over the past few years that people are becoming increasingly obnoxious and aggressive in grocery stores.

Over at IBM, another 4,700 high tech jobs may be moving overseas.

Cheney's energy policy secrets are about to be under the microscope. At least, we hope the Supreme Court decides we can take a look at how the policy was formulated.

Salam Pax thinks that now Hussein is in custody, now is when it's going to get tough.

I don't have a personal preference about the trial. I can see the advantages both in the Iraqi trial situation and in the international trial situation. I think it's pretty clear, though, that the USofA government has a lot of reasons to avoid an international court.

Apparently someone asked her and her country Zoe Williams what their favorite book was and it sent her on a tirade.

And Albert Scardino says Bush had better not let Hussein leave center stage just yet because Bush doesn't have an answer for the rest of his problems.

Progressive Democrats in Massachusetts are taking back their party.

Krugman keeps his eye on the prize and tries to follow the Halliburton money trail.

Why are all of the southern Democrats retiring? There's been, what, four or five of them announcing they're not running for re-election next time.

Coffee. Must. Have. Coffee.

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