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December 17, 2003
Happy National Maple Syrup Day!

Okay, I'm on a diet and I'm not allowed to eat maple syrup and the truth is I don't have a huge sweet tooth anyhow and I'd rather have my pancakes or french toast slathered with butter than syrup, but in the spirit of the holiday season, I'm wishing all the maple syrup ranchers a good day anyhow. Go out and lasso yourself a tree or something.

Tune in tomorrow when we'll be celebrating Bake Cookies Day and National Roast Suckling Pig Day. I don't think the two events are supposed to be affiliated although I suppose you could bake cookies while your suckling pig was roasting if you really wanted to. I won't be doing that because my apartment complex has a ban on barbeque grills on balconies ever since some idjit with more lighter fluid than sense set fire to the railing outside his apartment, but I'm on a diet and I'm not allowed to eat cookies or roast pork anyhow, so it's all moot from my perspective.

Yesterday was National Chocolate-covered Anything day. It's probably just as well that I didn't know that at the time.

I've been known to get bored.

Sometimes I go read 4forums. There's an interesting history forum where they're discussing causes of the civil war that I've been meaning to read but it's more serious than I'm in the mood for today.

I always go read the Arcata Eye police log.

Thursday, November 20 12:54 a.m. He pounded on the apartment door while she screamed, but it wasn’t the standard courtship ritual it seemed. They were shooting a scene from a movie. Police asked that the production notify them in advance next time they visit cinematic verisimilitude on affordable housing this time of night.

3:13 p.m. A dumpster roamed into the intersection of Myrtle Court and Shirley Boulevard. It was persuaded to retreat to the sidewalk.

6:04 p.m. A man with a yellow towel on his head was warned about threatening people in a donut shop. An hour later he was reported threatening a woman with death near a Plaza statue, because, he said, she had lost his shoes.

And, under the heading of, "now that's what we call democracy", let's all wish happy holidays to Iraq.

Newswise, consider whether the media is conservative, not because media has become the home of major corporate conglomerates, but because top journalists make a lot of money and that makes them conservative?.

Even more importantly, what is "[p]rogrammatic politics" and is the LATimes allowed to make up its own words that way?

Anyhow, that's all. I just wasn't in the mood to wade through the saddamization of the headlines today.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:44 AM


Let us forget all this political mumbo-jumbo and talk about butter and syrup. Here in certain parts of old Europe you may enjoy "kroppkakor" (Swedish) or "Fleischknödel" (German/Austrian). Those are buns or balls of very thick potato dough, filled with particularly colesterol and fat rich pigs meat. You boil them in ordinary (salted) water and eat them -get this- with lingonberry jam, hot melted butter and thick cream.All at the same time.

It is quite delicious, actually. After a few of those you cannot believe that there is anything evil in the world or at least you tend to go to sleep and forget all about it.

Posted by: Bengt O. at December 17, 2003 03:24 PM

Oh, wow, those sound incredible! I'll have to see if I can find a recipe for them.

(Not to make them of course. No, no, I'm on a diet. I just want to think about making them. :) Honestly.)

Posted by: Anne at December 18, 2003 08:52 AM

Hey, where do you get this info on National Days? I have to bookmark the site. :)

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at December 18, 2003 09:53 AM