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December 22, 2003

If the day is going to be like this, I'm going home, going back to bed, and putting my head under the blankets.

Nothing major. Just the accumulation of little annoyances and problems that can drive you nuts. Moved to a new office (courtesy of the new position) and when I came in this morning, I couldn't find a network connection for my laptop so that I could check the number and password for the 8:00 conference call. When I finally did get logged in (on a different computer), I found an e-mail from my (new) boss requesting that I, as soon as possible, call an account number I didn't have to someone whose phone number I couldn't access because it was on my laptop's network account.

Also, I'm mad at the Homeland Security goons people. I mean, if they need to raise the threat level, then okay. Whatever. Did they have to pre-empt the last 15 minutes of the ISU Grand Prix men's finals? We've been watching that stupid competition for six weeks and we missed half the final performances. They said nothing that couldn't have been handled in a crawl across the bottom of the screen.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little unreasonable on that one, but what was with the crawl across the bottom of the "terrorist threat" briefing saying that Al Gore had been arrested for marijuana possession? I didn't see it myself, because I was dinking around with my new Game Boy*, but my roommate commented on it at the time. How cheesy is it that the crawl made it sound like it was, you know, AL Gore, instead of his son? A cheap stunt.

I found out this weekend that a dear friend diedi n a house fire a few days ago. Any supporting thoughts you can send the way of her surviving family would be appreciated.

Stuff like that.

Somehow, in my memory, holidays used to be a time of unfettered joy. No longer. I'm more in more in sympathy with the concept of the holidays as emotional bulimia

Except, well. I do love a day when those who profess to love me are obligated to buy me presents and I don't have to acknowledge that I'm getting older in order to scoop in the loot.

I'd heard something about "medals" and the two wars, the one in Afghanistan and the one in Iraq, but I didn't understand what all the fuss was about until I read this.

And did I already link to the story about the House of Representatives deciding it's un-American to criticize the "war on drugs" or am I, you know, on drugs and hallucinating that I already wrote about it?

A little-known provision buried within the omnibus federal spending bill that the U.S. House of Representatives approved yesterday would take away federal grants from local and state transportation authorities that allow citizens to run advertising on buses, trains, or subways in support of reforming our nationís drug laws. If enacted, the provision could effectively silence community groups around the country that are using advertising to educate Americans about medical marijuana and other drug policy reforms.

That whole "Freedom of Speech" thing was overrated anyhow.

And Hussain Haqqani over at IHT puts it well. Pay attention to what's inside the heads of Muslim women, not the presence, or absence, of scarves on their heads.

You know the country's median population age is moving up the scale when there's a scandal in California around overcharging for support hose.

And as I read this article it occurred to me that part of the problem with the political situation in this country is that the media has conditioned us to have "trivial minds" about public figures. We remember the irrelevant and the unimportant (those absurd media stories about Gore's shocking choice of a brown suit!) and not the important things (how strongly did Gore agree, or disagree, with Clinton's desire to go after al Qaeda in December, 2000?)

Did you ever notice that when you bring up The Note, the same paragraph always loads first, then disappears when the new entry is loaded?

W A S H I N G T O N April 17ó Moving with the lightning speed that accounts for their continuing ability to draw new, younger readers to their publications, six days after the Frist-Nickles-Grassley-Snowe-Voinovich secret tax deal, three of America's great newspapers finally get around today to actually trying to explain it.

I've never seen that on any other site. I wonder why they do that?

And there's so little going on in the world today that over at The Hill, they're congratulating a Senator on not being an idiot.


Over in Maryland, it looks like they don't care if electronic voting machines are reliable and honest or not. If anyone reading this lives in Maryland, I'd suggest this might be the moment to take a little action.

( * Yes, I bought myself a new Game Boy. Less than a week before Christmas. I knew you weren't going to get it for me, mostly just because you didn't know I wanted it, so I went ahead and bought it for myself. It's 'way cool and I'm not a bit sorry I spent the money. It's all about Presents For Me, you know. I'm not the only one who considers themself a critical gift recipient but after reading this article, I'm ashamed of being part of the trend.)

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