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December 23, 2003
The Old Blogaround

So, go read Crooked Timber's "Four quotations bearing on choice and responsibility."

And then read Josh Chafetz excerpting a WSJ article. Unfortunately, the article itself isn't available any more. I'd have liked to have read it all.

Read Jim on anti-Asian racism.

And in the, Oh ICK department, you can read about yet more organized racism. That's the racists next door and the 'feminist' white supremacists.

Also, the pledge drive (so to speak) is over, but if you have an extra $5 or $10, I'm pretty sure Chris could always use a bit more to finance his next trip East. And don't forget to check out the post on the winding down of the search for WMD while you're there. (I don't link to Chris often, even though I always read his blog. I assume you all already read it.)

Josh says we're not to get all invested in that story that Hussein was a Kurdish prisoner and they turned him over to us because it's probably not true or at least he's not impressed with the "journalism" of the stories he's seen. He doesn't address the magical mystery DNA test, though.

On the same topic, Tacitus seems to be on the verge of joining the, hey, this ain't quite right crowd, though, so who knows?

Speaking of differences between the USofA's government and the citizens (Not that we were), take a look at KC Johnson's discussion of the expansionism vs. anti-imperialism tension in the USofA and consider whether or not the "anti-imperialism" feeling might not stem from the perception that empires aren't very democratic.

If you scroll down to the next entry, you can read Oscar Chamberlain being even less polite about Michael Crichton's pretensions to expertise in the field of environmentalism than I was the other day. (The sites' permalinks seem to be wacky today.)

Tom Englehardt over at Tom Dispatch has convinced me to buy John Larner's book. I adore those old maps that show you where the dragons lived. If you keep reading on down, you'll also find out how Ashcroft & Co. are keeping us safe from the kind of terrorist journalists who are conspiring to interview Olivia Newton-John.

Oh, and for those of you who haven't updated your bookmarks, be warned that I've deleted the old version of Peevish, the one that lived on Blogspot, so you'll never be here again unless you bookmark this site today.

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