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December 24, 2003
Bored and Lonely

Doesn't look like anyone else is showing up for work today, which annoys me. My boss told me to go ahead and take the day off but a couple of people (who don't have door keys) had asked if I'd be in because they wanted to come in, so I dragged myself in here and here I sit. All alone.

Aggravating people.

I was afraid Molly Ivins was taking a couple of weeks off here around the holidays but she had a new column up a couple of days ago and there's another one today. She's got book recommendations for the gift shopping procrastinator, and I see there's a new Reginald Hill out! I may have to do some more "for me" shopping.

Looks like no matter what Nader learned or didn't learn from Election 2000, the Green Party learned something. They're not backing him for President in 2004. Mind you, they didn't learn a lot. They're still fielding a candidate, it just won't be Ralph.

Apparently no one can tell if the new Opus strip is a winner or no. I adored Bloom County and couldn't get into Outland and haven't seen the new strip, so I have no opinion.

It is difficult to get excited about life forms on to which we normally pour disinfectant - but we should.

It appears that we're looking for slime on Mars. If I know this country, before we even find any slime, there will be six corporations offering products specifically designed to eradicate it and leave the planet clean and smelling lemon-fresh.

(I'm not sure what's wrong, but I'm a little bitter about the USofA today. It could be last night's television viewing, where it seemed to me that every commercial not trying to convince me I needed a new car was telling me that some part of my body or my home was filthy and stinky and that I needed to run out and buy some new environmentally toxic product to remove any lingering taint of human occupation.)

William Safire is talking like an idiot. I can't figure what it is about Dean's extremely centrist views and voting record that gives the Republicans such a bad case of the fraidy-cats, you know? They're trying everything, and some of it twice, in a desperate attempt to convince the voting public that he's not only an extremist nut but that he's unelectable. Clearly they're terrified and they think Dean has a better-than-good chance of whomping Bush in '04, but in my eyes, it's not that obvious.

On the other hand, it doesn't bother me at all that Soros is keeping them awake nights. In spite of their outraged howls that there's a rich man in the country who isn't a Republican, this is the same tactic they use against the Democrats (let's not forget that the whole California recall was the project of one multi-millionaire). I think it's quite fitting that they're going to have to divert some of their hundreds of millions to countering the moves of Soros' group. And, with any luck, the media might, just might stir itself to start pointing out the absolutely obscene amounts of money the Bush re-election campaign is raking in, not to mention where it's coming from.

If you're feeling intellectual, you can go read The Politics of Energy: Oil & Gas How a gusher of giveaways to oil and gas industry was crafted in Congress.

Or War and William Shakespeare.

If you're not, you can read Werts on the subject of what television "Christmas episodes" will be airing in the next 24 hours. I have no idea why someone thought this was worthy of a column but whatever.

On the other hand, and it's totally just my opinion, Jon Stewart and politics is always a winning combination.

Drat. I read The Philosoraptor on the necessity of civility and now I feel guilty about half the things I've said in the past week.

On the other hand, there's been a lot of discussion that Democrats need to fight Republicans on their own lying, twisted, scorched-earth level in order to get the attention of the voters, and there's no denying that it's Dean's anger that's earned him the top spot among Democratic hopefuls so far.

Plus which, it's asking a lot of human nature to ask people to take this kind of thing calmly. Taking the high road is a lot easier when your opposition isn't obsessed with exploring the depths to which the low road can take them.

Either way, I'd like to give Andrew Cline everything he wants for Christmas this year. Especially #2 and #7.

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