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December 24, 2003
Big Brother Is Here

Call it what you will. Historical revisionism. Outright lying. Rewriting yesterday, right in front of your eyes. Remaking the world into what they think it should have been and not what it is.

Many bloggers, mostly those of us on the Left, have been warning about this, but a lot of you don't seem to be paying attention.

We're not crazy, okay?

They're doing it.

And they think no one is going to care. They're admitting it openly. This shows how much respect they have for us.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:33 AM


Tip o' the iceberg, I'm afraid. The whole NPS is riddled with evangelicals and corruption. More here.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at December 25, 2003 01:17 PM

Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I blogged about that already. When I read it on your site or someone's....

Posted by: Anne at December 29, 2003 02:53 PM