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December 24, 2003
A Little More Stuff

Ralph Luker on, well, a lot of things.

Atrios says the DLC seems to want Dean to lose more than they want to beat Bush. I always like it when someone points that out. We need to add "DLC" to the places/organizations requiring a little regime change.

Via Hellblazer, here's an argument that terrorism isn't the kind of organized crime we've been led to believe. The idea that someone wakes up one day and decides to "become a terrorist" is a bit disingeniuous. People don't "decide" to "become a terrorist." They decide to redress some wrong they think someone, or some country, or some government, has done them. It's all crime, "terrorism" is just a word we use to describe what we've identified as a certain kind of crime.

But there's good in the world. Our UPS carrier just brought today's shipment. One package, and he brought it into my office and insisted that I make sure it was the gift he knew one of our guys had been waiting for. Before he left this area of the city, he wanted to make sure there were no undelivered gifts he could track down for us.

Seriously. All questions of political or religious differences aside, y'all have a good time between now and the next time we talk, okay? With whatever holiday you are and or are not celebrating at the moment.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:17 AM