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December 31, 2003
Blah, blah, blah

Of course, by now you all know Halliburton's Iraq oil contracts are in danger, so there's no point in me discussing it. I'll just say that, although I know this will make me unpopular with some, I never assumed that Halliburton was necessarily crooked and corrupt, and I don't assume they won't win a fair and open bidding competition for this project. I just like things to be done right - openly and honestly.

We all also already know that there are rumors the USofA's military didn't "get" Hussein, someone else "got" him and gave him to us. The only thing that matters to me about who "got" them is that we just be told the truth. I don't see that there's any shame in allies, even Iraqi Kurdish allies, having made the actual capture but sometimes I get the feeling this Administration would tell a lie even if the truth would sound better. They seem to lie reflexively.

Someone hacked an electronic voting company, but it was an on-line voting company, which isn't (let us hope) in the mainstream of the kind of "electronic balloting" that most states are currently considering implementing. The security problems the electronic "boxes" would have are dwarfed by the number of security problems an on-line system would have.

I've been saying it for years. They really shouldn't serve alcohol on airplanes or, for that matter, let drunks on board.

I guess all we can hope for is that, should Howard Dean secure the Democratic nomination, the ABD crowd gets over it and joins the ABBA crowd.

They're doing deals in Washington. You give us this, that, and the other, and we'll pass some of your executive nominations on through. (No, not judicial nominees. Other stuff. Ambassadors and some Homeland Security appointment, it seems.)

Well, look at this. A real reporter, right here in the USofA.

We assume Nguyen Vu Binh was 'REAL" reporter because he pissed off the Vietnamese government so bad that they jailed him on trumped-up espionage charges. (Hmmm, "trumped-up espionage charges." Haven't we seen some of those around this country recently?)

Science moment. Go read about dark energy.

Anyhow. It's not that there aren't other things I'd like to be commenting on, but I'm only in the office for a couple of hours today because I have to go to a funeral, so I'd better get some work done.

Everyone have a safe and happy new year's celebration, wherever you're celebrating it!

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