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January 05, 2004
Happy New Year

I always think "ecological" solutions to problems are interesting, and this one about fighting malaria with guppies (they eat the hatching mosquito larvae) is no exception.

In the "Hmmm" department, Gwynne Dyer says things don't have to keep going wrong, even though the country's been hijacked but offers no way of preventing it. (Nor, quite frankly, do I think a couple of examples of how the past didn't have to be what it was is helpful. Hindsight is always 20/20.)

Many people are wondering how Afghanistan is going to look in a few years. Of course, just how "democratic" the new constitution is . . . well opinions vary.

On the other hand, people in Hong Kong know what they want. They want the vote.

Okay, so it's looking like al-Qaeda is still in business.

The invasion of Iraq 'war on terror' is costing us in more ways than one, something I wouldn't mind if I thought we were doing the right thing in the right place. (Like, you know, invading a country that was involved in terrorism or something.)

And how desperate is the government for cannon fodder soldiers if they've been recruiting in Canada?

For those who subscribe to the theory that the Bush Administration might as well be called the Cheney Administration, here's the latest article on how he's the power behind the scenes. It says . . . pretty much nothing at all and I found myself wondering who decided it was a good idea to waste space on it.

Is the hijab or Muslim head scarf actually Muslim? There seems to be a growing body of thought that it's more anti-Muslim.

I'm sure Dick Morris meant well, but Howard Dean doesn't actually represent "the Left" and any perception that voters are in charge of what's going on instead of political insiders is mistaken.

Hey, I know. Let's "control costs" for things like programs that help the poor so we can have more tax cuts for campaign contributors other people.

Rian Malan says AIDS isn't the epidemic it's made out to be, that the threat has been grossly exaggerated because the disease is so "political" and because the computer programs the modelers use are highly inaccurate. He does point out that in populations where testing is frequent and controlled, the infection rate is found to be much, much less than the newspaper headlines would suggest. It's not, he stresses, that AIDS isn't a problem that needs attention. It's that the hype is getting in the way of the truth. Worth reading.

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