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January 07, 2004
Boggles the mind

From the OpinionJournal today:

The Democratic field: a Jew, a half-Jew, a quarter-Jew and an almost-Jew. Is that good for the Jews?

Not only do I object to classifying candidates based on the degree they do, or don't possess a certain religious/racial affiliation, as though that had anything at all to do with their qualifications for office, I find the very act of defining the extent of "Jewishness" of each person gives the entire column a vaguely racist air.

The race is on. Not for the presidency, but for the Jewish presidency, and the Jewish vote.

It's like the OpJour is, if not endorsing anti-Semitism, at least tacitly alerting their anti-Semitic readers that voting for a Democrat is voting Jewish.

That's really obnoxious, okay?

Posted by AnneZook at 02:59 PM


But doesn't it blend in rather nicely with the recent Safire piece about Job and Kristoff's piece today? If I believed in conspiracies, I would think these guys are in a locked feedback loop, much like flocking birds and schooling fish. Naw, too Chomsky-esque.

But it is just off the freak-o-meter scale to hear the "jewness" of candidates discussed in the preeminent capitalist media outlet.

This is the 21st century, right?

Oh well, going to be a strange year. . .

Posted by: Hal at January 7, 2004 08:50 PM

I'm constantly puzzled by the sudden (it seems to me) eruption of "Jewishness" as a measure of political ability but then aside from when I'm making fun of religion (or puzzling over why people get so invested in it), it's not something I ever really think about. I don't know the beliefs of 90% of the people I know, nor can I imagine that such beliefs matter.

I know people who believe in tarot cards and who self-identify as wiccan and neither of those beliefs seem to me to be any more or less significant than "Jewish" or "Muslim." Everyone is entitled to their hobby, after all.

Clearly the Right feels that identifying all of the Democratic candidates as "Jewish" is going to help their guy later this year.

It's a cheap shot in a supposedly secular democracy, an attempt to play on the fears of the ignorant who really do believe in world-wide conspiracies, even subconsciously, but the Right is running scared and, unlike its parent publication, the OpinionJournal has never pretended to be rational, unbiased, or even sensible.

Also? Is the extreme Right, as represented by the OpinionJournal, as worried about Dean as they seem to be? Obviously they think they're being clever in pretending publicly he's the candidate they want the Dems to field but it's pretty clear they hope they'll scare Democrats into nominating someone else.

Posted by: Anne at January 8, 2004 10:42 AM

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