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January 09, 2004
My, my, my

Having read this, I'm all of a sudden much more interested and much more enthusiastic about a Democratic nomination of Dean. (Via Mustang Bobby.)

I still like Kerry, though, and I think he's a better candidate than the indifferent media, more interested in Dean's "anger" lets us see.

Once again, a gaping chasm between the Bush Administration rhetoric and their actions. They're pro-business except that they're not pro small business.

And now I find myself wondering if funding school vouchers was what Bush had in mind when he sort of promised to put money in education and fund the No Child Left Behind Act next year.

Matthew Yglesias explains why the Bush Adminstration announced this new space initiative. It seems that Rove did it specifically to piss Matt off.

Heh. Forget funding life on the moon. How about funding live on earth?

WASHINGTON, Jan. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Following is a statement of Robert Greenstein, executive director of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, regarding the White House moon/Mars initiative:

"The moon/Mars initiative will cost many hundreds of billions of dollars, possibly as much as $1 trillion. The President should indicate where the money will come from.

(Don't let the name fool you. The CBPP is a private organization, and a rather lefty one, not some kind of government department, but it's a nicely snarky press release anyhow.)

Over at Grist Magazine, they're discussing the Bush Administration's Holiday Treats for Pollutocrats.

If Kevin Drum thinks those of us on a diet are going to be consoled by his consumption of diet soda to wash down a gorgeous-sounding avocado-bacon-burger, he's sadly mistaken, but I'm offering sympathy anyhow and I hope his back problems are nothing serious.

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