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January 12, 2004
For the record

When I think of "liberal" versus "conservative" mindsets, I think of "conservatives" as the voters referred to in this article.

Karen Kwiatkowski is very outspoken.

Christie Whitman points out that Republicans aren't really the majority party. Yeah, they've managed to pull more of "their" voters to the polls than the Dems in recent races, but it's a slim margin. (Hey, in the 2000 presidential race, they didn't even manage that.) It's sad that, as she illustrates, mere "outcry" from people opposed to some measure makes it almost impossible for those in charge of the Republican party's behavior to consider altering said measure. Why does the mere idea of opposition create a brick wall of resistance? Because the party is in the hands of extremists and of those who are relying upon the more extreme members of the party as the ones most likely to vote.

And, as she points out and as we all know, extremism isn't limited to one side of the political spectrum.

William Safire needs to polish his glasses. He seems to be having trouble seeing things clearly in his column where he cites Afghanistan (where extremists and warlords are regrouping and attacking the fledgling 'democracy) as an example of how wonderfully well our policy of pre-emptive war is working. And, most offensively, he dismisses the thousands of civilian casualties in Iraq as something to be "compared to civilian losses to everyday violence in New York and Los Angeles." Could someone from one of the coasts explain to me how often your city gets saturation bombed in a day and why this never makes the national news?

I'm just saying. It's hard for me to read what he has to say and evaluate it objectively when he says something that offensive.

Putin must be very popular if his own people have to demand that people run against him to make it all look like it's on the up-and-up.

Recruitment of reservists is falling off and the army isn't reaching their quotas. Oddly enough, reservists are reluctant to be held in active service for years or to, you know, die.

If the voters seem to be all about style over substance when it comes to the candidates, maybe that's because a history of lousy media coverage has lulled them into thinking that style is substance?

Life in Afghanistan is a new series from Deutsche Welle that's kind of interesting.

For those of you who are statistics junkies, here are some numbers.

Bush is flying to Mexico from his ranch in Crawford, Tex. He will spend two days and one night in Mexico. By contrast, he has spent all or part of 220 days of his presidency at his ranch, Knoller reports. That's more than seven months, or almost one in five days since inauguration.

Go ahead and check it out. There's discussion (gossip?) about Suskind's new book, Bush and "the vision thing," links about our relationship with the world south of our border, and some other good stuff.

Frasier is going off the air. Since it's one of about three television programs I actually watch, I find that depressing.

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