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January 14, 2004

I'm basically a sort of non-violent person, but some days, you read something and I can't think of any appropriate response that doesn't involve an AK-47.

Apparently, in spite of spiraling, record-breaking deficits, we can find $1.5 billion to 'promote' marriage with a series of leftist, touchy-feely, pop psychology initiatives designed to get everyone in touch with their inner monogamist or something because what matters is that they're married and not that they don't have food to eat or something. And because it would be absurd to spend the money on weird and extremist projects like cleaning up toxic waste when it could be used to publish a pamphlet telling us all how to listen to each other.

From somewhere, we've found the money to fight free speech, because we don't approve of unspun news.

I wanted to take Kristoff seriously, but there it was, at the beginning of his article:

One of the most unfortunate trends in the Democratic presidential race has been the way nearly all of the candidates, including Howard Dean, the front-runner, have been flirting with anti-trade positions by putting the emphasis on labor, environmental and human rights standards in international agreements.

To illustrate how absurd these positions are, Kristoff explains that someone would rather have a job than go dumpster-diving to survive and that they need healthcare in order to be strong enough to hold a job and that there have to be jobs before anyone can get them.

All of which, in his mind seem to preclude any consideration of human rights in the manufacturing arena.

Yes, the idea that $2/day in Cambodia is actually good money is something that needs to be discussed more, but how Kristoff thinks you can eliminate "human rights" from the equation when we're trying to help human beings survive, how he thinks "environmental standards" are irrelevant when his own story discusses the near-toxic trash dump these children are 'working' in, and why he thinks "labor" has nothing to do with "people who need work" mystifies me.

You'll be glad to know that our government has taken steps to stop the practice of outsourcing our torture under the label of "extraordinary rendition." Well, we've agreed to stop doing it to Canadian citizens, anyhow. Well, no, actually we're agreed to tell them before we do it.

Never mind, forget I said anything.

Broder's column on how you oughta' listen to what local reporters have to say about a governor when you're thinking of voting for the guy for president is most notable for failing, among the examples he presents, to mention how reporters in Texas tried again and again to get the national media, and the public, to pay attention to the wholesale disaster Bush II created in Texas.

You know, I'm completely sorry that I read the news this morning.

Read TomDispatch.com and learn all about the little euphemisms the government is using, or maybe should be using, to describe their policies.

Man Held at Heathrow with Suspected Ammunition

LONDON (Reuters) - A Sudanese man carrying suspected ammunition was arrested at London's Heathrow airport on Wednesday after flying in from Washington en route to Dubai, police said.

I keep wondering what the ammunition was under suspicion for.

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