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January 16, 2004
For What It's Worth

Stories like this make me really happy for the Iraqi people, regardless of how I felt about the invasion.

Looks like the ol' Iraq Governing Council is no more popular than those damned Yankees sometimes. You have to love the bit where he swears they aren't pandering to fundamentalists because "we don't have fundamentalists in Iraq." (You're reading Zeyad, right?)

As Riverbend points out, the problem isn't actually with the original religious laws. It's with modern interpretations. Good thing that kind of rewriting of the original or discrepancies between versions or even just pages doesn't happen in other religions, huh? If it did, we'd see extremists from other religions presenting their own interpretations and trying to use them to repress anyone they didn't like.

You should start a savings account. No point in counting on Social Security for your retirement, even if you've been paying in for the last 30 years or so. They spent it.

But you do have to admire their single-mindedness. I guess. Whatever half-baked idea they have, they keep pushing it.

The media's role in elections is summed up by the LATimes as the kind of problem you get "When the Handicappers Have an Interest in the Race." Basically, now that they've "sold" Dean as a headline-grabbing phenomenon, they're bored with him and besides which, if he locks up the nomination early, they're out of headlines for months.

It's a dilemma. If you choose to break the law, should you be resigned to take the consequences when they appear? It's not always an easy question to answer, but in this case, we can hope that the court case leads to an examination of the essential unfairness of sanctions that penalize everyone except the privileged leaders of the governments they're supposed to hurt.

Robert Tagorda takes Drudge to task for quoting out of context to create a problem where none exists.

If you read Neiwert today, you might think we're not interested in home-grown terrorism. I think this is a big mistake on the part of the Bush Administration. They shouldn't be fooled by the fact that George Dry Hold Bush wasn't able to find it - there's plenty of oil under them plains!

Prometheus has a new look. Still some bugs in the system, but looking good.

Bush doesn't look good when his Administration goes to such extremes to shield him from protesters.

"He needs to make the case as best he can that people are better off and more secure than they were four years ago, and that maintaining the status quo is the better course for the nation,"

The mind boggles.

Of all the things you hear a rational, legitimate government promising, promising to kill a political opponent, even one who encourages violence is pretty rare.

But they've been taking lessons from the USofA. You know they have. That "Terror Prevention Fence" thing has the Bush Administration's fingerprints all over it

Arthur Silbur takes Santorum to task for disparaging remarks about Edwards. Mr. Santorum's knowledge of the topic (government) and his own perception of how it oughta be do not impress Mr. Silbur.

If you visit Tom Paine, you can download a scorecard of issues to use to score the SotU.

If you read Katherine at Obsidian Wings, you'll get a bit of perspective on the whole $1.5B that Bush wants to encourage poor people to get married an d stay married so that they're not eligible for federal assistance when they're starving. (Said perspective doesn't make the idea look any more intelligent.)

Look, no hands!

Looking at her, I'm feeling a little bitter myself. Avedon Carol is right. Margaret Cho looks pretty good. And she's intelligent and funny too. Hardly seems fair, does it? But that doesn't make it right for those mouth-breathers to spew venom and hate her direction just because their cult leader decreed that she was a target.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:47 AM


That Prius looks better and better. My dad said he'd buy me a car this year, and I've been trying to talk him into this one (even though the auto-park thing won't be available in the US), but he says there are still too many problems with it so it's apparently crossed off his list...

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at January 16, 2004 09:34 AM

A friend of mine and her husband each own one (I'm sure it's the Prius they bought) and they love them.

I've thought about a Prius, but I live in an apartment and don't see myself happily lugging a battery to and from my apartment for recharging.

Posted by: Anne at January 16, 2004 12:43 PM