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January 16, 2004
Oh, wow

Now this is something I'm going to listen to. "The Library of Congress has just placed recordings of former U.S. slaves online." But at home, via my cable modem.

I've never read this guy's blog and I don't owe him anything, okay? And yet...part of me wants to donate because it's the right thing to do and because what these Marines are planning fits my idea of how USofA soldiers should be interacting with the Iraqi people. But when I check out the website, and I see that made-for-tv photograph of the Hussein statue being toppled, I find myself pulling away, wondering if I've stumbled onto some political group.

But then...no...I read the website and it looks okay. No mention of tagging 'gifts' with little (Christian) bible versus like the Baptists are doing. No mention of tiny USofA flags or "go, George!" tee-shirts.

I have a few, selected charities and I rarely donate outside of that circle. Too few dollars, too many needy people and causes. Mostly people. I rarely give generically to "causes." But this is about people, right?

Someone tell me if these people are crazy or if they're really who they claim to be. I really want to support this if it is, in fact, a legitimate (non-partisan and religiously unaffiliated) opportunity.

(P.S. That whole, "Canadian citizen deported to Syria and tortured" story? At the time, I just wrote it off to insanity and arrogance on the part of our goverment that they'd slap Canada in the face that way. Now, as often happens, more details are coming out it seems as though the story is not what it seemed.)

Posted by AnneZook at 12:41 PM