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January 19, 2004
Can they do that?

It just doesn't seem constitutional to create confidential lists of "good" and "bad" airline passengers. What's the criteria? Who's going to get searched? If someone with no connection to terrorism is inconvenienced and searched repeatedly, can they sue the feds for harassment? How about someone targeted as a Dangerous Red? Can they sue for defamation of character after they lose their job because they couldn't go on that business trip and the designation made their boss decide they could do without the problem?

(And what's up with the people dying on airplanes, anyhow?)

If someone is already in court, defending themselves on a dubious charge I might add, can you lure their lawyer away so you can arrest them again? (Don't make snap decisions. the subject isn't as clear-cut as some would have you believe.)

Looks like some people are about to boycott Coke if the multinational corporation doesn't clean up its act and its disgusting production methods.

Me, I disapprove of all soft drinks on principle. Loads of useless sugar, tons of artificial chemicals, no food value. But I'm aware that it's easy for me to be all sanctimonious when I've never been a pop-fancier, so I don't really expect the country to give up its passion for the stuff. Not even if they read the story. USofA citizens will do just about anything except inconvenience themselves or do without something they want for more than just a short time.

Will the U.N. bail us out in Iraq or leave us to clean up our own mess?

Remember how the Bush Administration once claimed that Iraq oil revenues would be used to pay for reconstruction? Not.

Dick Meyer does the country a disservice by referring, even tangentially, to Bush's "kindler, gentler immigration reforms." What Bush proposed is nothing of the sort. It is, in fact, a way to combine access to cheap labor for southern states with a tracking program that will help more easily discover and expel foreign nationals when we're tired of them (or when they become so skilled at whatever it is they're doing that they're on the verge of making some, you know, decent money at it.). Meyer saves most of his ire for the laughable NCLB, as well he should.

Molly Ivins doing what she does best. (Well, sort of. While I'm all over the idea of mocking Bush because he's completely unable to control the people he's put into power, the truth is that a remark like that could do the guy nothing but good with the voting population. Unless, of course, the Administration were about to demand a new round of tax cuts for the rich which, surprise, surprise, we hear they care. After that, the only way such a remark could help him would be to gain him a pity vote from the clueless nitwits who will feel sorry for him because he's only allowed to play with the presidential mantle, he's not allowed to really wear it) Anyhow, aside from the quote, she makes, as always, good sense.

I don't remember where I found the link, but What Makes a Terrorist? is interesting reading.

Naturally I'll be following on-line caucus news closely today. Looks like Kerry was well-positioned going into the day.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:50 AM


"USofA citizens will do just about anything except inconvenience themselves or do without something they want for more than just a short time." Rather contemptuous of your fellow citizens, aren't you?

Posted by: Andrew at January 19, 2004 09:00 AM

Sometimes, yes. There are a lot of things I think people would make sacrifices for, but it depends on what they're being asked to sacrifice.

Anyhow, remember that I'm a USofA citizen myself. When I make those kinds or remarks, I am not exempting myself from my own disdain. Nothing I've learned about the potentially damaging practices of Starbucks, for instance, has yet driven me to give up my morning Americano.

Posted by: Anne at January 19, 2004 10:18 AM