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January 19, 2004
A few more notes

Being trapped alive inside a sinking ship is pretty much my idea of hell. Hits all my hot buttons - claustrophobia, fear of drowning, fear of suffocation, etc. My thoughts will be with these people.

Someone should tell Bush that job training programs only work when there are, you know, jobs to be trained for. Unless the sekrit plan is to train all of those unemployed high-tech workers to work at Evil Mega-Mart or to take janitorial positions, this is just more empty rhetoric.

Bet me. Go ahead, bet me. Bet me that when those 2.3 million unemployed people are "retrained" to pick up trash on the streets and in the parks that Bush won't use that to tout how much he's done to clean up the environment.

(Yes, I'm kidding. But only a little.)

Reading this, I'm a bit surprised by how popular Kerry seems to be with business, second only to Bush in scooping in campaign contributions but still at only about 25%. Skimming on down, I see that (surprise, surprise, surprise) there's no one in the securities and investment community who prefers those Regulatin' Democrats over those Deregulatin' Republicans. Skimming down yet further, there's an interesting take on what Wall Street likes and dislikes about the Democrat front-runners.

Will Kosova ever be free?

But granting immediate independence was not something that the UN, the United States, or the European Union wanted to risk. The consensus was that Kosova had never been an independent state and therefore needed time and tutelage to grow the necessary institutions. Secondly, any new status for Kosova would require careful negotiation of the fact that Serbia still regards Kosova as a province, a political arrangement tacitly recognized by the EU.

So, where's the problem? Don't Kosovarians like Serbia?

In 1993 alone, according to the Kosovar Human Rights Council, more than 20,000 Kosovar Albanians were tortured by Serbian police.

Okay, so someone 'splain this one to me. I know there was a "regime change" in Kosova, but are we now to understand that the international community is thinking it might allow take-backs?

Anyhow, there's much in the article to ponder, including the blood-curdling imagery of the "cattle car" train collecting and removing the unwanted.

And whether or not I'll be able to view these, I don't know, but I'm saving the URL.

And, you know, I'm not afraid to say it. Modern art is pretentious, inartistic crap.

Technically, my company isn't open today. I've already received one hostile e-mail from my boss (who would not have known I was working had he not been working from home himself and had he not sent me an e-mail previously) about, you know, taking some time off.

Anyhow. I'm going home to eat bonbons.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:10 PM


I don't agree with John that we're wasting our energy by closely following the press - no surprise there. I would agree with him if we were running short on it, but we aren't. I'm not willing to tell people what's important and what isn't when they're willing to take on any challenge at all in this fight.

On the other hand, I agree that we need to write to the right people. Writing to Bill Gates because something was wrong on MSNBC isn't going to get you anywhere.

Posted by: eRobin at January 19, 2004 05:43 PM