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January 21, 2004
Fiction and fact

SotU - Blah, blah, vote for me this time, blah, blah.

AIDS, SARS, out-of-sight prescription drug prices, overflowing prisons, spiraling deficits, disappearing jobs, and they pick athletes doing steroids as an important enough issue to get included in the SotU? We've got children committing crimes and doing time (including a couple of kids neither charged nor convicted, but still locked up in Guantanamo), but they thought he should waste time pontificating on how he'll be the judge of who should be able to get married?

I stared at this page for ten minutes, trying to find the right words to explain how these things demonstrate that we're currently being "led" by a bunch of short-sighted, dangerously misguided people with no firm grasp of what the priorities and issues facing this country really are, but then I remembered you know that.

I wonder if things like this made them wonder what kind of a reception Bush might when he showed up in Congress last night?

I wonder if it occurs to them that when you starting telling this or that person they can't get married, you're opening a whole can o'worms. Well, no, they never seem to think about that kind of thing.

I mean, the idea that some other country could institute a "pre-emptive" invasion of a non-hostile country on the grounds that they might be a problem some day....no, no, I'm not going there.

Fortunately for my blood pressure, the U.K. Independent is starting to agree with me that on the results of the Bush Administration's actions, they look unelectable.

Forget about them. I already have a headache, I'm not going to think about them right now. (Although I might laugh at them a little as I contemplate, with sadness, how their blinkers prevent them from catching more than the occasional glimpse of reality.)

A big chunk of Iran's government did, finally, resign in protest over the disqualification (by the religious hard-liners) of thousands of candidates for office. An interesting situation seems to be developing over this issue. It may turn out to be a major showdown between the forces of "democracy" and regressionist religious conservatives.

In the 'good news' department, the only independent, daily newspaper in Zimbabwe won its court battle and got the police off its premises. It expects to be publishing again almost immediately.

The prison hostage situation in Phoenix goes on.

And what about the Constitution and those guys in Guantanamo?

What about Afghanistan? I heard on the radio last night that, of the 35 international aid societies that moved in behind the USofA army, only five are still there. The others left because it got too dangerous for the aid workers.

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